30 Replies to “Woolie VS Devil May Cry 5 (Part 30)”

  1. Holy shit. I have never heard Woolie be so confused ever. I don't know how many times Pat could say it's a gun before you get that it's a gun 😂😂. Woolie's brain can not take no more than one piece of information at a time or he'll be overwhelmed and burn out. To be fair though Pat is excited to share this with him and I have been waiting weeks to hear Woolie hype over the madness of Dante and the rest of the game. Now to see the videos for mission 18 extended to 5 videos because of Woolie trying to wrap his head around the end of 17 and the beginning of 18 from being so HYPED! For maybe the shortest DMC in the series these videos are getting Dark Souls levels long

  2. Little did Woolie know, Pat actually never went home but proceeded to hide in an unseen location in the apartment and watch him Quadruple S all over his television.

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