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  1. This whole Dante getting Rebellion from Sparda and Vergil getting Yamato makes me remember InuYasha. InuYasha got Tessaiga from his dad and Sesshoumaru got a Katana that is OP as heal and bring people back from the dead. InuYasha wore red and was hot headed while Sesshoumaru wore white and blue and was calm but was always seeking more power

  2. Sparda is bad parent, Vergil wants power and he gets the sword that joins/separetes the demon realm, Dante wants to protect the world and he gets the sword that makes you more powerfull when you stave yourself? Can they just switcharoo and call it quits? instead of all this portal opening genocides Vergil pulls every 10 years.

  3. My biggest problem with the Yamato supposedly being able to create a portal to the underworld is why didn't Vergil just create one in 3 to grab the Force Edge then kick dantes ass for his half of the amulet?

  4. to be specific, the Rebellion brings demon and human together while Yamato drives them apart.
    the reason Yamato opens portals and seperated V from Vergil, is cause it's doing it's conceptual power in different ways, but the route is always human away from devil. it's the same with his judgement cuts, it's dividing human world from demonic power (which would be floating in the air just by Vergil being in the area) is a small confined space resulting in dimension slashing. and it might have speed increase too, i dunno. maybe Vergil is just that insanely fast with straight forward movements.
    the rebellion brought out the demonic power within Dante in 3, thus bringing the human together with the demon. and i suppose if Dante took it to the conceptual limit, i suppose the rebellions ultimate power would have been crashing the human world and demon world together resulting in anarchy (hence the name for conflict, as it's ultimate power would cause it) but because the one who owns it (Dante) never wished for it, Rebellions power was never truely utilized. it's was jsut a really damn good sword.

    now for the Dante, it's safe to assume, as it absorbed the Rebellion, it has the power to bring demon and human together (and also cause Dante pretty much embodies what a demon and human is able to be) and as it has The Sparda's insane level of demonic energy as a base it would be an amazing power boost as well.
    but hey, this is just my thoughts on the whole thing. dont mind me.

  5. So, this is my only interaction with DMC5 at the moment, but wouldnt it make sense that Dante was just…the original inheritor of Sparda's Power? So Sparda, not wanting one son to be better than the other, fashioned Yamato to separate The Devil Power from Dante, which in a younger form, gave birth to Rebellion.

    When Dante was stabbed with it in DMC3 it put him in touch with a bit of that power, giving him DT, but it wasnt willing so he didnt fully merge with it.

    Or Im talking out my ass.

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