20 Replies to “Woolie VS Devil May Cry 5 (Part 28)”

  1. Am I the only person that prefers normal Cavaliere? Everyone in the comments keeps bringing up the Back Forward+O move like it's part of the default kit, but it's unique to R.

  2. Seeing Pat faff around with Cavalier makes me actually want to use it. I benched that thing the second I got it but he shows the potential and usability. Good job, Pat!

  3. So if Pat would've die in the DMC universe all his powers and everything that constitutes Pat will be confine within a demonic toilet that loves to talk shit? How is that any different from the Pat that we all love and know today?

  4. March 10th, Billy: “No more episodes until the next recording session”
    March 25th, Pat: “We’re recording this session on March 6th, 2 days before the games release.”

    Don’t think we can chalk that up to crazy talk this time

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