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  1. “This is the weirdest weapon he has ever had.” Pat, why do you constantly dismiss the briefcase that transforms into a floating platform for launching missiles?

  2. To be fair, Dream Runners were more like human sized Hell Vanguards, so Hell Judecca is more lile a mix of both than just a version of the Dino guy.

  3. In the loading screen or one of the files it says dante was getting fed blood from the qliphoth for some reason for the month while he was out. So he does need something to survive but the reason why he was fed the blood was never answered as far as I know.

  4. That little moment about V's birth is exactly why im confused why people want V to be his own person.

    Pat has it spot on, V is just normal human Vergil and Urizen is his pride, his lust for power, and his insatiable ambition to win.
    So yeah Vergil would've been an awkward Goth/Emo kid who was into poetry if he was 100% human.

  5. Pat. You didn't call shit. You finished the game 3 times before sharing an opinion, you don't get this win, Woolie gets the glory.

  6. Pat mentions how "without the need for power, Vergil is a good person."
    This is still debatable seeing as how V kills a bunch of people in the prequel novel to have enough money to hire Dante, and then muses the idea of killing and/or coercing more people when Morrison was taken aback by all of the blood on V's cash. So, Vergil without the need for power is still a total dick, but, like, slightly less of one.

  7. V ain't born with the tattoo's Woolie, if you pay attention in the cut-scene you'll notice he gets plorped out with not a drop of ink on his body and shocking white hair, only for the ink to flow into his body and dye his hair

  8. I swear, the Hell Judecca is the most unfinished enemy in this entire game. You can't snatch to him, he teleports around during your combos, and you can't parry any of his attacks except for one attack that when parried staggers the player instead of Judecca. If you want to make them inconsequential, use Buster or Hat Trick. Buster into Streak+launcher can extend your combos as Nero. Hat Trick pulls them toward Dante even through their barrier.

    Seeing the bike throw and Cavaliere Angelo's weapon changing shape like Sparda make some great references to Trish. The fight itself is wonderfully badass. Nelo Angelo remains one of the best boss archetypes of all time.

    I used to be down on Idling myself, but it has iframes during the jump-in and is one of the few ways for the Cavaliere to damage a Fury. Not amazing damage mind you, but it's appreciated if you're doing a Cavaliere only run or something.

  9. "I think that's why it becomes a motorcycle" no, that already WAS a motorcycle, it was the motorcycle that dante chopped in half in the intro cutscene for the fight

  10. crazy talk activated right when this video starts. You CAN parry with V's cane. You can even parry the behemoth when he's rampaging around. My favorite thing to do is start reading poetry, and wait until the last moment while it's charging at me and then POW with the cane. Makes it look like V's pissed that it's interrupting his poetry reading.

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