32 Replies to “Valkyrie Ventures: Devil May Cry 5”

  1. TBH Putt Putt Goes to the Zoo is a MUCH better experience IMO. It really makes you FEEL like Putt Putt, and the zoo architecture reminds me of Dark Souls.

  2. Honestly if your brain DOESN'T shut off when you play the original Devil May Cry series wHY ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT MAKING COMBOS WHEN YOU CAN JUST GO WITH THE FLOW

    Also: no homo but DAMN V's air violin taunt is noice

  3. And yeah Nero my favourite too, now lets see if Capcom actually has the spine to follow through with handing the torch over to him as the ending suggests, or if they're just another spineless dev that bends over backwards due to fanbase outcry.

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