V Gameplay, Rocket Surfing And 9 More Devil May Cry 5 Features You’ll Love

We’ve finally got Devil May Cry 5 V gameplay as we play the first five hours of Devil May Cry 5 and test out V’s demon summons, new Dante weapons and take on huge boss fights. This DMC 5 gameplay is looking swish, and here are 9 Devil May Cry 5 features we think you’ll enjoy.

Devil May Cry 5 arrives on PC on 8 March, and we’ve played the first five hours of the game on a preview build on Xbox One X. This isn’t a final Devil May Cry 5 review, although we hope to have a DMC 5 review on the channel in time for release. For now you’ll have to settle for Devil May Cry 5 impressions. And we’ve got a few – we’ve played as Nero – testing out his rocket surfing Punch Line – and messed around with Devil May Cry 5’s V. He’s the mysterious newcomer who fights with demonic summons: Shadow, Griffon and Nightmare. In Devil May Cry 5 Nightmare is a real showstopper – a 20ft tall demon who plunges from the sky to smash even bosses into a meaty pulp.

While we’ve not played anywhere enough to offer a full Devil May Cry 5 PC review – you’ll have to wait for Rock Paper Shotgun: The Site to handle that – we enjoyed what we played. The new Devil May Cry 5 boss fights are stunning visual designs which tease out new mechanics in clever ways, and V’s fighting style is unlike anything we’ve seen in an action game. We also love new Devil May Cry 5 weapons – Dante gets the Balrog, a pair of flaming gloves and grieves that turn him into a masterful boxer, while Nero gets a range of Devil breaker arms. Whether you’re playing with Punch Line, Ragtime, Buster or Rawhide, these are great fun. We show them all off in this new DMC 5 gameplay – which Devil May Cry 5 weapons are you looking forward to?

We also test the new Devil May Cry 5 cameo mode, which is the game’s take on co-op and sees other player appearing in your world to show off their skills. It’s less proper online play and more a chance to show off your absurd skills. It fits DMC 5 perfectly. This video also contains a fair amount of bookcases getting hit with swords, for reasons that are explained inside. If you have any questions about our Devil May Cry 5 gameplay and impressions, just pop them in the comments. I hope that these Devil May Cry 5 impressions have helped clarify a few things and give you a taste of what to expect from the full game. I went into this DMC 5 preview with not a huge amount of interest in the game, but came out impressed. We’ll hopefully have more DMC 5 gameplay on the channel in the run up to release date on 8 March.

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  1. I actually felt sorry for Nightmare at 6:13

    I can just imagine him saying "You really need to stop summoning me like that you pretentious wanker" with a British accent somehow

    Great video!

  2. Now THIS is how game journalism should be like. You actually know what you are talking about, gives some helpful tips, some good humor sprinkled in, and you honestly sound like you wanted to make this review unlike people like IGN where in most reviews, they sound so monotone and bored

  3. Here's what yall should be excited for
    Enemy step is even more godlike than it used to be

    If yall dont understand how powerful step actually is grab the demo get to goliath with overture and spam circle and step I was doing it for a laugh but my God that poor boss just melted

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