This May Be The Most Ridiculous Microtransaction Ever…

Are Microtransactions getting out of hand? This one is unbelievable! Why is this even a thing? Let’s discuss.

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Activision Is Selling a Single Dot in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 for $1


47 Replies to “This May Be The Most Ridiculous Microtransaction Ever…”

  1. when something that should be accessibility feature becomes something behind the micro transaction then you are doing something wrong… or right… not sure how the world should be any more

  2. What you say is also my fear for gaming. But at least Xbox seems to have us covered with their backwards compatibility program. We can play great single games from original Xbox, Xbox 360, and eventually Xbox One games on newer hardware. I might be set for life even if no more single player games comes out next console generation, which I doubt would happen so fast.

  3. Never thought about that incentive, developers will just make their games around players getting cosmetics because that's where the money will be. FML… bring back Consoles ruining games please.

  4. Man even during the ps2 era where I started gaming all that happened was that you went to the store, bought a game, and that's it. No microtransactions. I love single player games so I'm not ecstatic about the way the industry is going. If single player games die, then I will be mainly playing retro games.

  5. Really good vid Rich. Rich i am with you bro, i am afew yrs older than yourself and i hoping i'll be retired from Gaming before it goes all Streaming, all Multiplayer and all Paid Service based games.

  6. these ppl are arseholes dollor to purchase a dot wtf why dont thy just sell a each peace of graphical content in bo4 darn is a full priced game legal scam just because own legal copy right to the licence of bo4

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