43 Replies to “Theresa May's Brexit deal suffers another huge defeat”

  1. Brexit would be good for the British people but bad for the government. The people voted for Brexit.
    But the government decided otherwise in their on self interest..

  2. This is equivalent to the American Civil War in the form of a British civil debate however at the Confederates just won..

    There will be no freedom for the British..

  3. Where is that fucking idiot who created all these problems. UK do not have any choice other than going for another vote on Brexit. Britain is going down. South Asians control ur real estate.

  4. I suggest all my people to flee to Hungary or Poland before it's too late. Britian will only get alot worse. I suggest you flee now before it's too late to flee. Watch what will happen in the next few years to the Brits. Watch.

  5. I’m American so I don’t care/understand other countries politics, and the the only reason I watch this is because of how childish they are and the speaker guy

  6. 2:04 dude behind May let her know about her bullshit and sarcastically says “yea yea yea” when she said shes passionate about her actions. Lol

  7. The guy at the beginning saying "orrrrrrddddeeeerrrrr" would be a joy to listen to at a drive-thru at a restaurant!!!

  8. The British people voted for brexit but the totalitarian globalists are hijacking the nation. Two words my British friends: Tea Party! 🇺🇸 🇬🇧

  9. Oh come on now. That's a joke. Right? Who is that dude in red wearing the wig and lipstick? Is this an old Monte Python I've stumbled upon? Not that we Yanks aren't all transed up in politics too, but SHEESH!

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