Theresa May updates MPs on latest Brexit negotiations | ITV News

The prime minister updates the Commons on the latest developments in negotiations with Brussels and Dublin, as the sides try to find a way through the impasse on measures for the Irish border.

Downing Street said Mrs May’s statement, which comes a day earlier than expected, will give MPs more time to “digest the content” ahead of a series of expected Commons votes on Thursday.

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9 Replies to “Theresa May updates MPs on latest Brexit negotiations | ITV News”

  1. Friday March 29th Brexit . First day of Business after Brexit is
    Monday April 1st..will it be BREXIT FOOLS DAY?

    Brexit would have been so much easier if we had left Ireland 100 years ago when they made it clear they didn't want to be ruled by an unelected elite in a foreign country. However we created a Backstop called Northern Ireland and kept Ireland tied to us in a United Custom Kingdom Union causing economic damage and the death of thousands. This was only 50 years after we let 1 million Irish people die of starvation (and yet we make sneering jokes about potatoes) If we got out of Ireland now and allowed our neighbours to reunite then Brexit would be easily completed.

    There should be no British border in Ireland. The Irish border for the whole island is at the beach. Yet we are happy to make Ireland suffer again because our unelected German elites sitting in Buckingham Palace say so.
    When we go into WTO rules we need to deal with countries like India who will remember the damage we did to their country when we starved 12 million Indians and left their country partitioned too. Will they be as welcoming to invite us in to trade again? Trusting us will not be front of mind for them this time.
    The world is watching how we English behave and so many have now been truly educated on our devastating history in Ireland and on how we use words like Nazis at the EU when we don't get our way. It's disrespectful to those who experienced actual Nazis.
    We should truly be ashamed of ourselves by continuing to have any decisions in Irish sovereignty. We voted out of Europe but we won't allow Ireland to vote out of the UK. What is wrong with us?.
    May God save England because Meghan Markle won't save us. We need to give Ireland back control of it's borders and release them from our Union which they never voted to be part of but were forced into . All the things we claim the EU did to us we have done and continue to do to Ireland. Fellow Brits , let's respect Ireland for once

  2. Treason May is gona give the Zionist run house of babel exactly what they want IE 39 billion of the tax payers money and a trade union to protect all their interests. This is not brexit. There will be riots and this was all planned. Fake alien invasion coming soon. You heard it from here first

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