Theresa May: UK must 'deliver Brexit' for the people

Theresa May has arrived at the EU summit. On her way in she told reporters she would be requesting a short article 50 extension until the end of June.
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45 Replies to “Theresa May: UK must 'deliver Brexit' for the people”

  1. May was a failure as home secretary and an even bigger failure as Prime minister. do you notice the trend here wherever she goes there's disaster

  2. UNITED KINGDOM? more like UNITED OF EUROPE. If a 2nd vote happens this country is lost. It will forever be the day britain voted in fear and kneeled before 🇪🇺. The ppl voted OUT!!

  3. If the government can't come to a decision in 3 years!
    Why do they think a couple of weeks will make all the differance?
    They are deliberately provoking the majority of this country into civil disobedience …or probably worse.

  4. Within the extended delay of 22 May, what I would suggest to the PM is this : Organize a 2-leg referendum, first leg with 3 proposals on the table : DEAL, NO-DEAL, REVOKE BREXIT(Art50); then the 2 winning proposals would be proposed to vote again a week after; and this is it, People will let all MP's & Government what they do want and don't ! People is King!

  5. I thought she will repeat it once again the famous “Brexit means Brexit!” sentence… … …
    And Britain still thinks of the Empire as if this would be manageable??? How??? With these people???
    And what are you going to do without all the Polish, Hungarian, Slovak workforce – the “ohhh, so fine” Britons will certainly not do any ordinary work…
    Get just simply lost from Europe – we will be happy to have you outside!!!

  6. Two years and still nowhere she playing a game with more pepole in poverty thear life even the disabled people you will not for get macfay rudd and may you will trust government now

  7. Theresa May is being stubborn. Why doesn't she just admit the truth. Brexit is a failed policy and a huge mistake. The right wing nuts are never right. Brexit is the equivalent of Trump in the US….it's an aberration movement cooked up by the righties.

  8. The people of Great Britain, by a simple majority of those who actually voted, approved Brexit. May is trying to effect that decision. Labor, Liberals Tories, DUPS have v all done their best to make a mess of the project. Boris and the Brexiteers understand there will be an adverse impact on the economy and on tax revenues, denied it would happen but will blame May for the results. But I agree let the POO hit the fan.

  9. Those EU leaders love that red carpet like they are Kings or Queens, I want a red carpet too. Plus I want a tax free income and tax free expenses like the EU presidents so I can be pissed by 11am just like Juncker. Plus I want a refund of all money paid into the COMMON MARKET then EU since 1973. How is that for a deal? Sounds good to me.

  10. IF BREXIT IS STOPPED – BREXIT RIOTS – 29TH MARCH LONDON – POLICE STATIONS IN LONDON TO STOP THEM FROM OPERATING: charing cross police station – argar st / william IV st. north of parliament….. metropolitan police station – new scotland yard. victoria embankment. next to the river. south of parliament….. British transport police (next to waterloo) cab rd…… British transport police station – st. ermins hill….. TAKE A GAS MASK + HELMET. IT`S TIME TO REVOLT.

  11. The EC evidence has clear implications. If you "respect" the 2016 referendum result then you ALSO "respect":

    – Corruption
    – Fraud
    – Illegality
    – Cheating
    – Vote-Rigging
    – Buying political results
    – Lying in adverts

    …but NOT democracy.

    No. Not democracy.

  12. WHY? just label it too hard or something that requires a decade long process of separation, why does everybody have to leave next week? Half the people who voted to get out have now changed their mind.

  13. UK must 'deliver Brexit' for the people? 50% of the people? And then the country is cut in half and can never heal? This is not democracy. Brexit is not the end, it will just be the beginning of the end. Solving this split is a lot more important than exit or stay. Exit EU or stay in EU, we can manage either way. But if people can't come together and find compromises, we stop being a democracy, it will be extremist vs extremist until there's nothing left, stop this mess, stop fighting about exit or stay and shut it all down.

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