Theresa May says it is a 'moment of decision' as Brexit is delayed

Theresa May insisted tonight it was the ‘moment of decision’ for MPs as she accepted EU terms for delaying Brexit by at least two weeks. EU Council President Donald Tusk confirmed plans for a two-stage delay plan. If Mrs May passes her deal at a third attempt next week, Britain will be allowed to stay in the EU until May 22. If she fails, Britain must say whether it will take part in the EU elections by April 12. If elections take place, a longer delay could be agreed – but if the polls are not held then No Deal looms because Britain staying in becomes impossible. The agreement avoids the need for an emergency EU summit as soon as next week. EU sources told Sky News the plan ‘reduces the likelihood of a chaotic crash out in the next 7 days, or a 24 hour scramble to find an alternative.’ In a press conference held after midnight in Brussels, Mrs May said she would return to Britain in the morning to resume work on building support for the deal. Most in Westminster believe she is doomed to fail a third time. She insisted Britain should still leave in an ‘orderly fashion’ with a deal despite MPs rejecting it twice by a landslide. Amid fury at her tirade against MPs last night, Mrs May admitted to expressing her ‘frustration’ at the situation – insisting politicians on all sides had ‘passionately held views’ – but stopped short of apologising.

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40 Replies to “Theresa May says it is a 'moment of decision' as Brexit is delayed”

  1. Brexit frustration! Britain has had enough Brexit chaos disaster show. The British parliament has to resign – they can not BREXIT! And a chaos-Brexit whatever the cost may be even if riots will start in Nothern Ireland – is not the best option! Then better no Brexit disaster and the British people can live in peace without Brexit frustrations that can destroy a Brit! Maybe I wish and hope without atomic weapons and subs and nukes in our world that will cost only money.

  2. 3 years after voting, we are certain? lol…we can all agree that we cannot go on like a backstop after the the neverurdum…we voted, we said, three years later, nothing changed…cameron resigned….so u could deliver on the vote…less is more, on a mandate, for which the cameron resigned …the speaker would happily verify the that the time is now

  3. I feel sorry for her,because she reasoned that you all wanted brexit and would give her a landslide huge majority, victory which she could have stuck her fingers up at europe and said look at my huge mandate, and none of you voted for her,oops,it must be very confusing, red blue tory labour brexit ukip,

  4. She Must Realise The Public Think she is Spineless , Bends to EU Rules , and we dont Trust one word that comes out of her Mouth her Brexit deal means we are in the Customs Union which means we havent left the EU……….i say Foxtrot Oscar to her and the EU because i wont bend to EU Rules im British not European….

  5. They have to vote for my pisswater deal or it's their fault when we crash out with no deal.

    The woman is incompetent and will not take responsiblility for her own mess.


  7. I as one of the people am also frustrated that you are not doing what we voted for….I feel you are thinking about how it can look as if we have come out but not relay….

  8. I'm getting sick and tired of this sh#t, our votes mean nothing our voices mean nothing, our principles mean nothing, we voted LEAVE, all you politicians can go fu#k yourselves

  9. 'There's a petition to revoke article 50 signed by 2million people'

    There was a referendum to invoke article 50 signed by 17.4 million people.

    Referendums are of course only advisory whilst unofficial petitions are the absolute law

  10. The decision has already been made Jihadi May the people voted to LEAVE the EU. We did not vote for your Merkel authored deal, we don't want an EU deal we voted to LEAVE and WTO Brexit is the way to go. May you are a vile despicable traitor resign. Or its the people who will act… under Common Law article 61 of the Magna Carta….. Lawful Rebellion.

  11. No deal is better than a bad deal.

    The withdrawal agreement is a bad deal.

    The EU are patently not interested in making another, and were never serious about one in the first place.

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