Theresa May says clear majority against no-deal Brexit

Prime minister says Commons has provided clear majority against leaving the EU without a deal after MPs inflict fresh defeat. May had promised MPs a free vote after her deal was heavily voted down for a second time on Tuesday
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50 Replies to “Theresa May says clear majority against no-deal Brexit”

  1. I think the EU is going to regret what they've done to the UK here. The message the EU has now sent is that if you join the EU, you will NEVER be PERMITTED to leave. The UK has sold their soverignty to the EU in a deal where the UK was paying hundreds of millions of euros to the EU every single year. So not only did the UK get very little out of this 'deal' they've been paying the EU every single year cold hard cash to maintain their deal. But the UK people have woken up and stood up and demanded soverignty back from Germany. Germany has said NO repeatedly.

    This is extremely bad for relations between the EU & the UK both are nuclear armed states and we know World War 1 and 2 started under VERY similar circumstances. Namely that Germany was being forced to pay money and being humiliated and we also know there is widespread civil unrest in the UK. I think the EU should have signed a deal and got the UK out and maintained a happy relationship because there may come a day in the future where they regret it and I would go even one step further and say the EU has doomed themselves by refusing to sign a worthy deal with the UK.

    We know the EU is crippled with debt and disaster from country to country. Future relations between the EU & UK will fall to cold war levels in 10, 20+ years in the future because of the way the UK has been treated. Who would join the EU now? Knowing you will be economically DESTROYED as a form of WAR if you attempt to leave?

    That means the EU will never increase in size, they've now consigned themselves to the same fate as the ill fated Soviet Union. In other words the EU's peak has passed and I believe the EU is now in a steady rate of decline. We know the 2008 financial crisis nearly collapsed the EU & nothing has changed on that front.

  2. The world should take note of this fiasco ,when democracy was killed off by this great country of ours.Who would have ever thought that Great Britain would do such a thing , what a great chance to show to the world how democracy works by obeying the will of the majority however small.Our government has failed its people, Cameron bugged out at onset and poor Theresa Mae has been stabbed in the back so many times they should hang their heads in shame. I will never vote again because there is no point,this was a great chance for all our MPs to rally round and assist TM and promote democracy at same time.Brexit is not complicated,it has been made so by self serving so called public servants.

  3. I have recently watched the latest Mary Queen of Scots film
    starring Saoirse Ronan. This is a film where those in high office in both
    England and Scotland demonstrate treachery, duplicity, cheating, cowardice,
    lying, mendacity, deceit, dishonesty, corruption, exploitation, immorality, distortion,
    and hypocrisy just to use a few nouns. Oh, with the exception of just a few in both
    of the main parties, in both Houses of Parliament at the moment and the current
    tranche of loathsome politicians that occupy Westminster.

  4. There is no Trade Deal to take off the table. What we have is a document which contains the terms of a withdrawal arrangement for U.K to leave the E.U. To be absolutely clear, the Trade Deal (not the withdrawal arrangements) will need to be negotiated once a withdrawal agreement has been effected.

    Parliament seems to be deliberately misleading the public by continually inferring that the withdrawal document constitutes a Trade Deal……… It most certainly is NOT.

    To see the egoistic MPs pushing their profile in order to promote themselves rather than supporting the Will of the People, I am quite certain, will not be tolerated at the next general election. Never in my lifetime have I seen such complete disregard and utter blatant contempt for the Will of the People by MPs across the house.

    What I can say is this, all of Great Britain have now seen the true colours of the E.U leadership. The E.U has continually been rude, condescending, disrespectful and at times downright hostile to one of the world's most powerful countries.

    I have a message for Teresa May, you can Put the 'GREAT' back into Great Britain by walking away from any withdrawal agreement and only then, as PM, will you be able to hold your head up high by leaving a legacy that shows you respected the will of the people.

  5. The EU must be laughing and smiling right now knowing that the spineless politicians have handed them their victory, what worried the EU most was a no deal and now they are happy knowing they will still control Britain, Britain is now and as been for some time a SLAVE to the EU

  6. UK politicians thinks they are playing the American Game Show 'DEAL or NO-DEAL.
    This is literally the end of a Nation unravelling before our eyes.

  7. Hungary, Poland Italy Greece etc could block it then we’re free at last. Switzerland might even … Sweden, Bulgaria Denmark all those without a euro yet might block it. Who wants to see U.K. keep the pound ? You wants to see the Eu fall? Poland Italy Greece etc could block it then we’re free at last. Switzerland might even … Sweden, Bulgaria Denmark all those without a euro yet might block it. Who wants to see U.K. keep the pound ? Who wants to see the Eu fall ?

  8. Poland Italy Greece etc could block it then we’re free at last. Switzerland might even … Sweden, Bulgaria Denmark all those without a euro yet might block it. Who wants to see U.K. keep the pound ?


  10. What we are seeing is a complete rejection by the so called 'ruling class' of England of the will of the people who voted in a fair election to end England's part of the EU. This 'ruling class' does what it wants to protect its own greedy interests made up of connections and influence by businesses who stand to lose something if the separation takes place. A sad history of century's old democracy.

  11. dear brittish,if you wanna leave,just leave..this is absurd,
    a live act of mounty python in brittish politics….
    stop shame yourself with that;leave or stay,but make a decision..

  12. There seems to have been no point to this vote at hasnt made it clear if no deal is off or on the table still..wasting more time

  13. So lets ignore the clear win and demand another vote,i mean T May has a third vote any time she loses a vote?
    Corrupt as FCK and we all know it!
    No Deal is Better Than A Bad Deal was it,yet T May avoids no deal,the fool that let MP's vote and that includes remainers disrupting what the people won,clowns all of them.
    Certain MP's delaying Brexit should be weeded out and thrown out of Parliament.

  14. The house has decided….what about the 44% who now want a wto rules leave?
    These criminals are flying in the face of the democratic vote and opinion.
    See them all shout in agreement when she days about no brexit.
    They all need to be voted out and the conservatives and labour disbanded,and people tried for treason.
    Yes. I am serious. This house is full of self serving idiots.
    Get them OUT and new systems.

  15. If the mps over rule the referendum then democracy is dead and we all live in a socialist country.
    But hey they timed this all wrong as I got my council tax bill last night… you think I’m gonna pay that-no chance!

  16. Time to cross fingers and toes and prey that at least one EU country regects the extension, only one and today and other days have been a waste of time. All we need is one EU country to believe in democracy and reject this tripe. The people were prommised to leave and the government is extending it, possibly indefinitely then call for a second referendom and another one until the EU get their way as usual. It is not May that did not try to negotiate, it was the EU not willing to budge. They are not going to change their mionds either, they have no reason to, May is giving them the upper hand after they spat in her face, poor woman, The people voted to leave not to have taxation without representation, which is exactly what the EU want.
    Merkel does not give two hoots about the future of the EU countries, Germany has been playing most of them for suckers, just to keep their currency devalued so they can be the big manufacturer of europe. If Germany was still using the Deuchmark their currency would increase in value and they would not be able to keep their prices down becoming noncompetitive. Conversely many other EU countries have to suffer because the Euro is valued higher than if they used their own currency, if they did they would become more competive in the international market and have brighter futures.

  17. There was no clear majority. 51% and just cleared the majority mark. UK is not leaving the EU. Now go cry. We need a second referendum to settle this issue once for all. Luckily many of the old bags have died in the meanwhile and the younger voters will vote Remain.

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