Theresa May Rules Out Second EU Referendum!

In a bid to rescue her Brexit credentials, the Prime Minister, Theresa May, has ruled out a second EU referendum under any circumstances.

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According to senior political correspondent for Sky News, Beth Rigby, a spokesman for the Prime Minister has ruled out a second EU referendum.

“PM spokesman says there will not be a second referendum “under any circumstances”. There wasn’t going to be a snap election either was there. #JustSaying” she Tweeted.

This is of course in response to a call made earlier by former cabinet minister Justine Greening for a second – three question – EU referendum based on either: taking the Chequers deal, staying in the EU or leaving without a deal.

A stupid idea of course, because there’s nothing more likely to return a majority of less than 50% of voters submitting valid ballot papers than a referendum with more than a binary choice.

What would they do if this were to take place and Remain got 49% and the other two choices shared the remaining 51% equally? Claim a win against the 2016 52% majority? How would that go down?

Greening’s argument is that parliament has just about reached an impasse and the only way to free the constipation is to give it the laxative of a peoples’ vote.

Well, we did exactly that two years ago and the Remain led establishment worked hard to ensure that got all gummed up, so I strongly suspect they would do exactly the same again until the electorate buckled under to give the ‘right’ answer.

And the lead up to a second referendum would only be fear-mongering politics on steroids from the Remain side.

Scott Mann resigned putting more pressure on Theresa May.

And the Mail quotes what they call a ‘senior Eurosceptic’ as saying:

“There is a cold fury about Boris, which is unusual for him. He is totally fed up with Mrs May because he feels he’s been tricked. No10 have put it about that David Davis’s resignation forced him to follow suit. But that isn’t the case. He felt she hadn’t been a straight dealer and he had to go.”

Moving on, you may hear today that fewer EU citizens are coming to the UK looking for work, which the left is portraying as a bad sign and indications of a slowing economy.

But today’s migration report from the Office for National Statistics actually says:

“EU net migration continues to add to the UK population with around 100,000 more EU citizens coming to the UK than leaving. The estimated number of EU citizens coming to the UK “looking for work” continued to decrease over the last year and the number coming to the UK for a definite job has remained stable.”

So the number of those coming speculatively has fallen. But the numbers with a job to come to are about the same as before.

And an ONS statistician commented in the press release:

“With around 280,000 more people coming to the UK than leaving in 2017, these latest figures show that migration has continued to add to the UK population. Net migration fell following record levels in 2015 and early 2016 and has been broadly stable since. This is similar to the level recorded in year ending September 2014.

“Underlying this immigration has remained broadly stable at around 630,000 and emigration has shown a gradual increase since 2015 and is currently at around 350,000.”

Now, surely amongst those 630,000 people coming in to the UK there are sufficient doctors, nurses, teachers, engineers, builders, plumbers and electricians to fulfil our needs and replace the 350,000 leaving? Or would it make more sense to replace as required on a more one for one basis? Just asking.



35 Replies to “Theresa May Rules Out Second EU Referendum!”

  1. In Todays Times a leading industrialist is qouted as saying Brexit will inflict crminal damage to British Industry. Rolls Royce aero engines are massively stockpiling spares because of Brexit.
    Industrialist and so many of our business community daily voice fears of `brexit .
    While people with very little understanding of business still support Brexit.

    Perhaps the Brexiters want the economic collapse of the UK so they can they believe get a semi fascist populist governement in power . They will love that , then they will intern all Remain supporters and EU citizens in camps.

    Only somebody who has no common sense will disagree with all these businessmen and industrialists who keep signalling their warnings about Brexit . People who run multi million or even multi billion companies do know what they are talking about. They are the decision makers who will move their businesses out of the UK inflicting massive job losses! The only other wealthy people who are foe Brexit of course are those with foreign interests or foreign investments. For instancde American aero engine manufacturers would love to see the destruction of Rolls Royce and also their Aircraft manufacturers the same for Airbus!

  2. Latest polls shows, that the Brexit vote has grown with 15% since the Referendum.
    A second Ref. would be 67% Brexit and 33% for Remain.
    What is the point?
    "Free Tommy"

    Maybetraya ZOG🔯PM must know that her compromise proposal has no legs with the EU! Maybetraya wants what may be amended by the EU as 1 of 3 offers for another referendum choice along with 'Staying in the EU' and 'No Deal' She will by this, AFTER THE EU AMENDMENT OFFER FACT! SPLIT the 52% Brexiteers so the 48%er Remainers will prove to be the popular choice in the 2nd Vote! THIS IS AN EU SCANK! IT'S WHAT THE EU ZIO-NAZIS DO, TILL THEY GET THE VOTE THEY WANT!!😬



  5. Tuesday votes to keep us in the customs union
    if there is No deal brexit…
    that vote tonight is the last word the last word in this swamp partys brexit debates..forget it go home game over..
    i will be knocking at your door demanding you join ukip or fight me in the street… join .its all there is of you can lay down and surrender…

  6. (1) BEST for OUR FUTURE recieved £424,000 Registered 25thMAY 2016 (less than one month before the REF)
    (2) WAKE UP and VOTE recieved £100,000 Registered 24thMay 2016 (less than one month before REF)
    (3) Virgin Management recieved £210,000 Registered 3rd June 2016 (less than three weeks before REF)
    (4) DDB UK LTD Recieved £191,000 Registered 25thMay 2016 (less than one month before REF)
    (5) The IN Crowd Recieved £76,000 Registered 10th June 2016 (less than two weeks before REF
    ALL THESE REMAIN CAMPAIGNS WERE DONATED TO BY THE REMAIN GOVERNMENT,yet they have the cheek to call out the LEAVE campaign for overspending, which did not use Government funds.

  7. Now since some of you seem to be a bit slow, I try to type not too fast.
    First you need to realize that a house divided against itself has to fall. And, frankly, you are pretty far away from being united.
    Second you have to realize that the EU has set acceptable margins what they are willing to work with way before you lot actually have unified your own wishes, demands or even strategies.
    Third, you lot have to accept that you currently do not hold a hand to play with. You have nothing to offer. Nada, zilch, nichts, rien.
    You are like a three year old throwing himself on the ground in front of the sweets aisle in a supermarket in a futile attempt to blackmail the parents into buying sweets for you.

    Your current options are to threaten the EU to perform more and more complicated attempts to do suicide, but the EU will laugh and walk away. They do not need a deal. You do.

    Do not count on your “special relations” with the USA. Trump made clear that the only way to a deal with the US is to lower your standards below the current US standards and to part out the NHS to the US healthcare system. Or, if you prefer simple words, to roll over and offer your butt to be plugged. Got that?

    So, what are your options?

    You need to remind yourself of how similar problems have been solved in the past. May I – once again – offer you the Lord Protector Cromwell. He actually solved problems.

    What are your problems?

    First, you have a land border with the EU in Northern Ireland. Nasty. You can not control the border, but you have to. Your beloved WTO forces you to enforce the border. So does the EU. But it is not an option, repeat NOT AN OPTION, not to enforce the NI/I border. But you tried to do that during the troubles and you failed. And, frankly, it would kill Northern Ireland as a whole.
    You could set NI free. It costs you more than it’s worth. What are you paying for it? 12 billion a year? For 2 million people? Bad deal. But your govt is in a coalition with the DUP and you lot want the integrity of the Kingdom uncompromized. Fair enough.

    What do you suggest, then?

    There is no solution – unless rolling over on your back and offer your soft underbelly to everyone is a solution for you.

    Or you could take Ireland. Nobody would intervene and even if, it would be too late.

    What would be the benefit?

    The EU would lose a badly reputated member. ALL the other members HATE Ireland for it’s tax evasion policies. Remember the 2 billion Apple taxes that Ireland refused to collect? Nobody would stand up for them.
    You, on the other hand, would gain a lot. First you would have control over the Western Approaches. The isolation of the UK has been a factor since the Napoleonic Wars and the lack of access lead to your near demise in both great wars of the 20th century. Additionally, you would control all the traffic between Europe and the USA. Take a good look at Russia and how they use the Siberian Air Corridor to – frankly – blackmail everybody. You could do same with the Western Approaches.
    Second, you would defuse the border situation immediately. That would be of benefit for YOU AND FOR THE EU. Another reason, why nobody would do anything.

    Now, by sheer magic, you could start to negotiate from a position of strength. Your willingness to take action could defuse other potential problem areas of which were are a lot. Namely Gibraltar and the Channel Islands. Showing weakness will invite potential aggressors. Showing strength on the other hand…

    So, if you think your bluff will not be called, dream on. If you think the USA will save you – they will, but they will kill you first and you would become Puerto Rico #2 – a vassall of the USA.

    You’re no longer in the EU, you have not much to offer, you’re technically out. What do you want to do? Do you want to become a rule take of the EU, the USA or – worst case – both? Is that, what you want? Do you want to lose all and everything your parents and grandparents fought for? Really?

    Or do you want to create the future the Brexiteers promised you? But you won’t get it, until you, yourself, take direct action.

    What would have Cromwell done? Think.
    Or, if you believe in your current monarchy, what would have Elizabeth done? Not Liz II, but Elizabeth I. Or, if you prefer the Tudors, Henry VIII. I can not imagine anyone negotiating, but I can see all of them clearly taking action. Swiftly, decisive.

    Nuff said.

  8. What a good Idea!!!!! Let "the People" decide!!

    And I am curious about YOUR reaction, Jeff, if the result will be
    51% REMAIN
    49% Leave

    Would you ACCEPT "the peoples vote" or will you fight along your idiology until the result is what you like it to be???

    Would be a very good test of your "democratic" sense

  9. When TM was elected Prime Minister people were comparing her to Maggie Thatcher, well she is nothing like the iron lady, Maggie would have told the EU what we wanted and she would not have bent over backwards to the EU's tune. Another Maggie Theresa May isn't. She should go, we should transfer to WTO rules and walk away from the EU and then wait to see how long it takes for them to come running to make a sensible trade deal.

  10. There should also be a caveat stating any future PM can alter or amend any deal which he believes is doing this fudge harm to British interests.

  11. Nice one Jeff.Keeping us up to date with the shinnanagans of our so called parliamentary democracy is greatly appreciated.I do though look forward to the date we heat tha May and co have thrown in the towel and handed over to some real men who will tell the EU commission that the country voted to leave and just how we are going to do it.Untill that day we remain in a state of limbo.This farce has to end.The tory party either backs Brexit or doesnt.The establishment have proven their anti democratic credentials .For the first time since OIliver Cromwell the 'people' had a real say in determining the future of our country but the establishment is blocking it.Are we the people slaves to parliament or are they our servants?Just asking.

  12. There comes a time when a document is so flawed that it becomes more effective to rewrite it than to amend it. That time is now Mrs May. Write us a white paper that reflects the will of your people above the dictates of the EU cabal. Brexit means Brexit, or have you forgotten.

  13. O no no ref vote no one wins uk law voids that vote today in uk law the process is only save by the ref no bidding of the out come so jeff boy stop referencing it no more and donor talk about the 80 % at the general election it fairly tale. And unicorns 🦄 to do so and show how week you are

  14. The establishment are playing for time, an extension too article 50. Keeping the flood gates open to immigrants from Asia and now Africa. Our votes will be useless in the future when they give all these immigrants the vote. Game Over.

  15. …And if the UK Parliament was not held in low enough regard already, the Government is now apparently seeking a vote in favour of them starting their Summer break early. Things have got a bit difficult for them and their solution is to leg it off on their holidays instead of trying to sort things out. We have heard repeatedly over the last 12 months or so that the Government was so consumed with BREXIT that it lacked the 'bandwidth' ie time and resources to do very much else. I'm tempted to offer the view that this is possibly the worst Parliament I've known in my lifetime. I'll back-track from saying that because I suspect the reality is that we have them under much more scrutiny these days, what with social media and the almost instant access to as much information as we need to find out generally at least what they are up to.

  16. Why have a second when they ignored the first?, best of three perhaps! UK citizens tell your political class, if they're going to fuck you, they should at least kiss you first. Vote UKIP!

  17. Run the original referendum again, then they`d have to suck it up as you`d have around 80% for getting out. Remainer`s are starting to think what a mess this has been!!!

  18. BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg: "It looks a mess because it is a mess. It's getting harder and harder for the prime minister to get things through Parliament – and while calls for a second referendum are widely rejected, that sentiment could change if this kind of gridlock continues."
    So, added 'news' from nothing. The BBC is already gearing up for a second referendum!

  19. They want us to collect taxes for them but they won't collect taxes for us,some brexit deal eh,and by the way this is only a tiny part of what she's not done,and they still haven't agreed to protect our brits abroad.tgis woman is beyond belief.

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