Theresa May rejects call to delay Brexit

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Prime minister says it is within the UK’s ‘grasp’ to strike exit pact before March 29 deadline as she rejects calls to extend Article 50 and delay the UK’s exit from the EU bloc

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43 Replies to “Theresa May rejects call to delay Brexit”

  1. You sound like the old game I played as a child" May I. …. You have become as old and as boring as that game became and nobody can turn you off….. Shut up please it's just you going round and round and nobody can get of.

  2. Very self centred the UK but what does the EU want, aren't they tired of us moany Brits complaining that we had it better than anyone in the EU but thought the grass was greener on the other side

  3. Her and her millionaire chums don't have much to worry about. What do you expect from a nation where millions are too lazy to even vote but love to moan .

  4. Stupid people!! Riot?!!! U all use your head!! You dont want to get hurt and end up in hospital and jail in the end!! Cowards!! Thats what happen to all of you selflove lover of them selves!! me first!!! Now u all deceive!! Crazy!!

  5. I do not support Brexit since nobody really understood what it meant when they voted however she made a promise and she should stick to it. I think the French at this point has more balls than us because they took to the streets when they saw the government BSing but we keep letting this evil government run us over. As proof of the Tory incompetence look at the increasing number of homeless in the streets and the way they handled Grenfell. I have zero trust left in the Tory government, actually the government in general.

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