Theresa May on Brexit: ‘Am I going to see this through? Yes’

Theresa May vows to see through her Brexit deal, saying it ‘delivers what people voted for’. After several cabinet members resigned and discussions of a vote of no confidence were triggered by Jacob Rees-Mogg, the prime minister says she is ‘sorry’ colleagues have left the government but believes what she is doing is right
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27 Replies to “Theresa May on Brexit: ‘Am I going to see this through? Yes’”

  1. Stop lying and “out” yourself, your a national disgrace…… so sick of politicians who renege on the oaths and duty to the public they were elected for
    It’s easier to accept something that might be difficult or uncertain for a while that you chose,
    than accepting lies, bad deals and shady intentions from something you DIDNT CHOOSE.
    Deliver what the country asked for, or watch it rip itself apart… do we need to mention poll tax?
    How sad the country has more faith in itself than the politicians.
    Get out before it’s too late and dump this disgraceful deal created only to try force a second referendum., Britain is leaving the EU.. we weren’t ASKING you were told..

  2. Sir Graham Brady must RESIGN as Chairman of the 1922 Committee for CONFLICT OF INTEREST, because his KNIGHTHOOD was conferred by Teresa May, with whom he has been conspiring to CONCEAL the true number of No Confidence letters he has received. He has even written to MPs asking them to WITHDRAW their letters.

  3. I am a staunch believer that we should remain in the EU, and I watched the whole of nearly three hours of Theresa May’s achievement for a good deal, with the EU at PM’s Question Time: Where not one of those who criticised her, seemingly at every turn, had not even spent one minute of the many hours of each day and night, over the two years of negotiations that that Theresa May has Spent! Why don’t we all shut up (especially the News Media) and wait for the deal: That is, when she returns from Brussels and she will put it to every MP in Parliament. Then we’ll be able to add our own selfish and mean-spirited points of view, at that time!

  4. If Theresa knows this is as good as it can be without completely destroying our economy perhaps it's time to let us know Brexit was the stupidest idea, pushed by three stupid self interested men, Farage, Boris and Mogg. Three stupid rich men who refuse to take responsibility for this mess.

  5. Deal seems about as expected except why would the UK have to pay 38 Billion pounds to the EU? Seems completely bogus and arbitrary. Why would they not want hard borders? Seeing as how the rest of Europe was being invaded by migrants that hard borders are a wonderful idea. I would fix that broken deal and say yes we are doing this and hard borders and you get ZERO dollars in exit payment but I'll send you a fruit basket instead of money. You know for the Holidays.

  6. ‘Brexit means Brexit’ !!! She giving them at least £39 billion and we still won’t be an independent country !!! This is what you get when a reminder negotiates Brexit !!!

  7. What a surprise…Winston Churchill fought tooth and nail to squash the NHS, Social Housing and the benefit system that provided basic needs to our heroes, out of work after the war. Winston's response was "they are used to rations, keep them on rations". Maggie Thatcher killed our working class north of Peterborough. Next we have a lout called David Cameron, and now Theresa…oh dear why are we surprised, LOL.

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