Theresa May Must Go – Sooner Rather Than Later!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The article referred to in this video has been pulled from the Bruges Group website.

If the Brexit claims on the Bruges Group website are anywhere near true and accurate, then the Conservative Party may as well start the winding up procedure today.


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There is a claim on the Bruges Group website that Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement is the result of a huge collusion between Mrs May and the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

Now, for those that don’t know, the Bruges Group is a think-tank which holds meetings and produces research on issues relating to Britain’s membership of the European Union.

Now, one of the website’s contributors, John Petley, claims to have access to a significant and reliable source that passed on the following to him.

At an urgent meeting called by EU officials on Monday the 9th of July 2018, top business people were told that May and Merkel had come to an agreement.

This agreement was designed to appease Brexiteers while allowing Mrs May to, quote, “…get rid of those people in her party who were against progress and unity in the EU” unquote.

Then it was agreed that this would be likely to end up with the UK rejoining the EU soon after the next general election.

So our PM agreed to keep the UK as closely tied to the EU as possible in the interim and both of them said that “the only realistic future for the UK was within the EU”.

And then comes the story of the Withdrawal Agreement being conjured up in Merkel’s office and sent under Secret cover to the UK Cabinet Office. Followed by it shuffling between the two until the final draft was agreed.

The upshot is that, if this train of events is correct, the whole thing was negotiated between Mrs May and Mrs Merkel on a German authored document, with UK civil service collusion, while bypassing David Davis but keeping certain EU business leaders informed, so as to engineer a temporary gap in our EU membership.

It is also claimed that “Key EU heads” were told all about this before the UK Cabinet had it bounced on them, at that now infamous Chequers meeting.

It’s just a pity that the author of the Bruges Group article cannot provide source documents for the claims because of the sensitivity of the source, as they do seem to tie in neatly with other snippets that have come out since that Chequers Cabinet meeting.

But whatever the veracity of the claims, given events since Theresa May came to power it should be obvious to all that she is not the person that should be running the country and our future negotiations with the EU after the 29th March.

Pity the Tories can’t get rid of her until November then, isn’t it? Due to her winning a vote of confidence from her party MPs last November, so giving her a year’s grace.

But whatever her plans were, I think both she and the EU have been surprised by the opposition to her proposals. They obviously got that completely wrong and now the PM is in the battle of her career to try and force this misbegotten deal down the parliamentary collective gullet.

And she has so far failed, to the extent that time looks to have run out on her and her schemes, with the WTO exit route looking the current favourite. No wonder the Eurocrats are suddenly looking so worried.

Finally, I talked a couple of weeks ago about the disgraced Former Labour MP, Fiona Onasanya, who was imprisoned for perverting the course of justice, saying that once her appeals process had come to an end that she could be subject to the recalls procedure.

This would allow for her to be ejected from her seat and a by-election held, if a minimum of 10 percent of the voters in her constituency sign an official petition for this to occur.

The news today is that she has lost her appeal and as a result the UKIP leader, Gerard Batten has called on the Speaker of the House of Commons to get on and commence the recall procedure under the Recall of MPs Act 2015.

UKIP has already lined up local councillor John Whitby to fight this predominantly leave seat, where the out vote won by 60.9% to 39.1%.


UKIP Leader calls on John Bercow to begin process to recall Fiona Onasanya


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  1. IMPORTANT UPDATE: The article referred to in this video has been pulled from the Bruges Group website.


    My Youtube Community Page:

    FACEBOOK: @JeffTaylorBrexit

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  2. these car companies DO NOT OWN US, if they want to leave, let them but DO NOT SUPPORT THEIR LEAVING BY BUYING THEIR CARS there is a lot of good cars on the market but bare in mind the gov has told us petrol and diesel production is ending.

  3. May has never ever succeeded at any point of her career. She has had the advantage of a very English disease of promoting dross. How often have you been in a company where the most idle and back stabbing incompetent has defied logic and been promoted by the management to increasing levels of power?  Virtually all medium sized upward organizations do this. This is also to ensure if ever something goes really wrong you have someone to fire that is high enough in stature to send a message but disposable enough not to do irreplaceable damage to the company. May got to the PM position by being that person. Post Brexit however we don't need floaters we need professionals that know their trade. Cameron at least knew he was a floater and had the intelligence to resign when he was challenged on it. May has neither the ability nor the talent to manage a post EU nation nor set course for a new destiny. She is hoping to ensure the UK does not prosper and is damaged enough to return to EU control. She has grossly mishandled Brexit at every level and even been caught not only playing for the EU but fully dressed in their team colours. Flip flop Corbyn is no better. She should appoint a Brexiteer Tory to replace her. Appoint not leave it up to the equally damaging 1922 traitors who appointed her. That person should be a caretaker to take the country forward till the next election. They should also have the mandate to appoint ministers regardless of party to help based on ability and vision. A caretaker government of people who have shown faith and loyalty to the country.

  4. When assassination becomes more lucrative for our imported eu pickpockets . All our Westminster wasters will have departed to Necker Island. It will give us the opportunity to disinfect The Palace of Westminster. Or bring in the wrecking ball. Now we know the extent of the deception and lying of its inmates.

  5. The link to this report has now been deleted (raises suspicion of guilt imho).
    Patrick O'Flinn will be contesting Peterborough (it's where his office is).Ex ukip now SDP and who I'll be supporting as still a leave EU party but better domestic policy over ukip.

  6. I think May is just a sacrificial lamb for the elite. She will leave on her own accord once she has done her masters bidding. Lets get UKIP in when that by-election takes place.Lets show them just what is in store for ignoring the will of the people.Even the people who voted remain must see we can't let the self interested of the few just walk over democracy. They ignored the people on many things over the years, this time they made the misguided mistake to give us a referendum they fought they would win. Well if they don't leave or just remain with this useless
    deal that is worse than if we had just remained in the first place they all need to go. I think this is going to change the face of politics all together now.

  7. If it was orchestrated then it goes to show that shes not just useless in doing things the legit way but she's not even competent in arranging a cock up !! The pressure of democracy prevailing is obviously getting to Tusk (again) with comments like "anti European forces meddled in Brexit vote" ……………translated I think he means how dare the ordinary folk of the UK who oppose the EU have a democratic say !!

  8. Nothing I hear surprises me on the Europhiles treasonous activities. It's not going their way though, because they are up against the City's money big boys who want out of the EU before the 1st April, which is when the Lisbon treaty veto comes to an end. Members will no longer be able to veto signing up to anything, including the UK having to ditch the Pound for the Euro. The City will never allow that to happen. The Europhiles are also up against the electorate who will not tolerate remaining subject to EU anything and would rather burn the lot to the ground than suffer the loss and subsequent indignity ensued with losing democracy to a foreign third party who detest us. It will not end well for ordinary us if we allow them to get away with it, so we have no choice. I refuse to leave my offspring with such a terrible legacy, and I'm not alone in that. I have heard the City's money big boys have threatened to stop funding the Tory party, they are now funding Farage. I think the days of the Tory party and the Labour party are well and truly over. Farage is a Tory, his new party is Tory, while UKIP has progressed past leaving the EU with it's new manifesto, is the new ordinary peoples party. Both are anti EU.

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