Theresa May makes Brexit statement

Prime Minister Theresa May makes a statement in Downing Street. (Subscribe:


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27 Replies to “Theresa May makes Brexit statement”

  1. Public opinion has changed. Theres a reason countries hold elections every 3-4 years. That amount of time has passed – you had your chance to "get on with it" – now ask us again what we want, I dare you. You don't want to, because you already know the answer, and YOU don't like it.

  2. My god just leave, do exactly what the PM of the vote said he would do and leave. The people voted to leave so please just give Brexit a go. Send a clear signal to the EU to change the way they do things aswell as to the reason why we are leaving. If in 10 years it all goes wrong then we can walk back to the EU with our tail between our legs and say we are sorry we are a pathetic weak country and we need you now. Just at least try and see if we can stand on our own two feet and give our democratic decision ago and maybe in a years time we can say we are the great nation of which we thought we were going to be. We are Great Britain and its about time our politicians realized this and made this country strong and not weak with all there weak minded arguments.

  3. It seems mrs May has joined the ranks of the ERG. The EU has made it abundantly clear this it ! The time to decide is now ! In all likelihood the EU commission wants the UK crash out in the hardest way possible to act as prime example of the consequences of leaving the EU. The timing could not be better just two months before the EU elections. Even the most troublesome anti EU politicians will find it impossibly to sell their message in light of the catastrophe the UK will be suffering. The only thing better would be the cancellation of Brexit. Despite the idea peddled by the UK media the EU is as ready as it going to be to implement Brexit. For the UK Brexit could not come at worse time the EU will to busy with its internal affairs to spend the time and energy to mitigate the worst effects for the UK they will just contain the problem by putting the UK in quarantine and deal will the fallout later.

  4. Brexit means Brexit. Exit on the 29th and deal with the fallout. If we want back into the customs union at a later point, hold elections based upon that. In the meantime GET OUT! Democracy over idiocracy. Also, does anyone else feel a bit miffed that she didn't end with a "Thank you for your patience/Rule Brittania" or other hopeful ending? She walked out like she had just forgotten she actually has work to do.

  5. Crazy people… Not democratic a second referendum… But putting hear deal in parlamente for the thiletf time is domecratic…I know longer leave in Britain however I this is Pafectic…

  6. Is your ego endlessly shameless? Stop talking and leave you liar. All you do is talk and break your word!
    Do the right thing and leave….or resign. You're a disgrace! The referendum required that you to leave on 29 March with or without a deal you dope! You're about to break a legally binding agreement. Why would anyone believe you anymore????

  7. We started this
    We perpetuated this
    We divided a nation because of this
    We have used this as a way to ignore proper matters
    We weren’t sorry then
    We are pretending to sorry now

  8. This is proof that the people have no control over government. The government cares not about the voters decision. People complain about Socialism and Communism for democracy. Yet you ignore the Democrat process. Leave means Leave

  9. SHAME!. Stop blaming Parliament and everyone else. What constitutes "Deal"? There is no Trade deal. You failed. What about our 39 Billion plus that we will be keeping and reinvesting in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Where is our Contingency Plan? Our Transition Teams.? What about the whole world to do business with? The USA , and the recent statement from John Bolton, and Canada and all the 54 Commonwealth Countries and all that money that we pour into the Commonwealth. That money is for the common wealth of the people. Thank God that it (leaked deal docs) has been voted down twice by strong, brave and smart MP's. and thank God for Parliamentary Rules and Standing Orders. 8 days to finally leave the EU ! We will have lots of good trade deals and on our terms, have faith people!

  10. The arrogance of this woman.

    Shewa’s told from day one of showing her proposal would not go through and she still will not change anything.

    Bad negotiator.

    Bad PM

    Won’t listen


    Making Brexit worse THAN IT NEDED TO BE.

    And she still stands there defending, what?

    JRM 4 PM

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