Theresa May: ‘I believe in my deal’ – BBC News

Theresa May says she believes in her deal “with every fibre of my being”.

At a press conference in Downing Street, the PM said colleagues
“must do what they believe to be right” and thanked those who had resigned for their service.

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Theresa May says British people “just want us to get on with it”.

She says she “understands fully there are some that are unhappy” with the compromises in her deal.

But, sounding defiant, she added: “This deal delivers what was voted for and is in the national interest.”


41 Replies to “Theresa May: ‘I believe in my deal’ – BBC News”

  1. What is she on? Brexit in name only " in full control of our money! yet paying an outrageous fine of 39 Billion,,, this is not a divorce, this is a shambles, the EU is laughing at us

  2. Of course she believes in it. She never wanted Brexit and she has sabotaged it. May is a globalist traitor. I dont see how she has the gall to face the people of Britain.

  3. believes in her deal? THE ONLY THING SHE BELIEVES IN IS, The one world order. she never wanted to leave the EU, she has worked so hard to deliver her brain washing nazi deal that places the UK under the control of the one world order. WE do not want the EU ONE WORLD ORDER. TIME TO TAKE BACK CONTROL. Wake up and smell the coffee.

  4. The BBC, like CNN and the rest of the main stream media, are fake news. Just look for sources that forbid comments, particularly on Youtube. Communists hate free speech and diversity of thought.

  5. I am a staunch believer that we should remain in the EU, and I watched the whole of nearly three hours of Theresa May’s achievement for a good deal, with the EU at PM’s Question Time: Where not one of those who criticised her, seemingly at every turn, had not even spent one minute of the many hours of each day and night, over the two years of negotiations that that Theresa May has Spent, working herself to a frazzle. Why don’t we all shut up (especially the News Media) and wait for the deal: That is, when she returns from Brussels and she will put it to every MP in Parliament. Then we’ll be able to add our own selfish and mean-spirited points of view, at that time!

  6. The people will never have a voice from here on out, because don't matter what you vote if they don't like it they will ignore it from now on . A precedence is being set.

  7. She is a lier she has never ever had a BREXIT plan because she never intended to leave the EU. Lier always believe what they tell their selves and then try to convince us the same. What golden hand shake do you get for that Mrs MAY. Your plan all along has been to make bad deal plans then let the fake media campaign to stay or get another referendum with their scare mongering. WELL PLAYED MRS MAY THE TRAITOROUS SO CALL PRIME MINISTER

  8. Frederick Forsyth said its between parliamentary democracy and an unaccountable, unelected dictatorship. I'm coming to believe the choice is whether the unaccountable , unelected dictatorship is based in Westminster or Brussels .

  9. We didn't elect you luv! we were saddled with you! And what a liability you've turned out to be. In all honestly I know your bought and paid for by your Masters and I know who some of them are but I want to live. You are a Traitor and everything you've just said is a big fat lie! You want to secure things for our Children and Grandchildren! Yea right! You should get some training in telling lies because you come across as sick making and disingenuous! Lying in fact! Would you be prepared to take a lie detector test? Some criminals do take them.
    You are trying to sell us a deal whereby you give the EU 39Billion pounds!!! Are you gucking mad or evil!which is it? Our Country is on its knees! No jobs, no money, starvation benefits, food banks, NHS working at a snails pace, education in taters, your ruined that! The poorest on zero hours, low pay, no infrastructure, no lighting, scruffy filthy Britain but room for more to make poor ey! No Law and Order, no criminal cares if they rob, rape or burgle do they! Who will the British Citizens call! Ghost Busters? You are a disgrace and you are following Cameron and Osbourne in your quest to ruin Britain for your Globalist Masters! This has been in the planning a long long time and Blair, although new labour, is working for the same People you do! You've been cought out and every day and your every action is alerting others to what you and your ilk are up too. The game is up Madam. It is my opinion that you, Cameron, Osbourne, Blair, Gordon Brown and others should be done for Treason for what you have done to our Country. This is my opinion and the opinion of many others and every day more are waking up! Give it up! You won't win. The BBC and all other media should be reporting what Ive just stayed, but they won't they work for your lot to don't they, while their still useful to push the agenda. I'm not a really clever Person but is blatantly obvious what is going on and if I can see it, then every Tom Duck and Harry will.
    The EU Military Unification? Ring a bell Trasa? The British Army and its equipment have been run down and sold off for Years waiting for the moment in Feb/March this Year when you and the Queen signed off the British Army to join the EU Military Unification do you not? I have seen British Soldiers with an EU Army Badge on their Upper Arms! You aren't calling it an EU Army just yet! British People would gmad! You call it the EU Military Unification to soften the blow! Loads of People haven't heard yet! The Telly and crap papers don't report it their in your club for now! Resign and give up, this won't end well for what your Group are trying to do to Britain and European Countries.

  10. She was a remainer . So how come all of a sudden she's speaking giving a speach about how we're taking back power able to set our destination take control and have more power and say how our country is run . So that means we never did have any power any say so or any rules and power in the first place it's all been a lie a illusion that we had any kind of destination we could set because we're controlled by some one else not our own country . So We're unable to do any better because we don't have any say power under the eu . She walked right into one . Any remainer out there hear that we never had any power any rules any chance to shape our destination or get better because of the eu .

  11. What a load of drivel: the UK drafted most of the ECJ laws, controls its borders by choosing not to be part of Schengen. The reason for the country's sorry state is the Conservative party's ineptitude and Brexit in any form is not going to fix it!

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