Theresa May holds fresh Brexit talks with the EU

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UK prime minister Theresa May restarts the stalled talks to save her Brexit deal on Wednesday as she seeks concessions from a sceptical European Union

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49 Replies to “Theresa May holds fresh Brexit talks with the EU”

  1. Nothing will happen to UK. There are another countries in the world UK can trade with ease… Once UK comes out of EU, we will see tremendous change in trade policies and laws of it's own which will be designed according to the benifit of the country.. Brexit is done for removing uneducated unskilled and druggie peoples came from Western parts of EU who doesn't give any service or tax to the Government. Corrupted countries of EU make EU passport for money whom came from third world countries illegally . Since in EU now UK is the only country which speaks English so all of this people migrate to UK in addition value of pound attracts too .These things cannot be said in public directly from govt side which will provoke people…

    UK government works in give and take policy.. Government doesn't want to carry the burden of this category people. Once brexit happens UK will welcome lot of talent students for higher education make them pay high fee and make welcoming laws and regulations to attract companies to invest. UK aids will be stopped to EU. Since UK is a service oriented country they need skilled people for future to keep the name as GREAT BRITAIN..

  2. She couldn’t organise a root in a brothel. A remainer prime minister who sent a remainer public servant to Brussels to organise what is nothing but a surrender document to a country that has been defeated in a war.

  3. Main stream media like BBC giving false scary news if we leave with no deal these potential communist and globalists climate change lier s have no confident in the UK workers. EU are a bunch of bumbs who want our money and when they go down which will happen they're making sure we will go down with them. Leave with no deal trust the UK workers and don't listen to fake news BBC, STV, SKY they will only support only their friends and a lot of us know what they get up to.

  4. How did your talks go Theresa ? Let me guess the EU said they are not renegotiating the withdrawal agreement………….but you say the talks went well. The Great British Empire not so great and definitely NOT an empire anymore 😂

  5. FFS just leave…….
    You have had 3 years to get your ducks in order…… so leave with no deal and THEN watch the EU beg to do a trade deal with the UK….
    This will put the UK in a strong negotiating position, as the EU will suffer MORE than the UK.
    Just grow a spine and do what we voted for, instead of wimping around like a pathetic gimp……

  6. Stop calling it "NO DEAL" it is confusing the remainers. Leaving with WTO is "A DEAL" the best deal we will have until the EU comes to it's senses (probably not) or collapses as others follow and without our second largest contribution they receive.

    "Calling all nations, who wants a slice of £340 billion + British imports" These are the words May should be saying to make the EU sit up and realise who we really are.

  7. I'm sorry but, Teresa May would get my vote again. She has shown massive resilience and determination to keep pushing for a better deal, in the face of utter and relentless torment from pretty much every side of the government and the people. All without any other politician to come forward with anything better or the actual bollocks to do the job. Keep going T.May, you can do it.

  8. The only reason why Brits wanted to leave EU was immigration the perception was of people coming to UK and claiming benefits. People talked about seeing immigrants in clusters on the streets. Also there is the belief amongst the construction industry that immigrants were doing their jobs at low prices. This caused UK workers having to do their work with lower pay. Hence the resentment

  9. Wouldn't it be great if the screen were divided into two: the original video playing to the left, and to the right an aura reading monk? He could talk us through the various colours and their qualities swirling around good old Theresa and what they signify.

  10. Italy will be next, then Hungary,in time France and Germany, Greece and the Czechs.. so it really doesn't matter if Mays ''sell out'' non brexit deal goes thru or not… but the damage she has done to the trust the British people give their politicians is irrevocable….

  11. Treasonous May is lying, there is not going to be a Brexit. High level civil servants laughing at the British public in secret meetings, filthy traitorous establishment.
    The financial times = globalist, elitist, corrupt paedophile fake news media company

  12. Let's look at some lovely big numbers.
    Yum yum.
    All on dollars or Diane abbolls at abaaht £300million a pop.
    Movements of currency per day 300 days a year. $5.090 trillion. (Abaaht 22,333 Diane Abbott's )Wikipedia.
    Multiply than number by 300 ABAAATT $1,500trillion

    Sorry getting bored,got too make a guitar but if you would like to check out video on you tube "Bretton Woods United news. "
    I have some comments under with some other juicy numbers.peace.

    Theresa Mays hubby works for hedge fund or is it a gardening and moving bins worth about $1.5 trillion about 5 ,000.Diane Abotts.

  13. Brexit is a political  mad hatter's tea party.  And while everyone is having fun playing the hokey-cokey with EU membership and wallowing in delusions of economic grandeur,  the country will  still be economically divided and  in a constant state of misery because of the government's  fiscal,  socio-political  and economical agenda which has not changed since before and during being part of the EU and will not change after leaving. Think about it.

    The government's Brexit ploy has shoehorned  a monumental decision over the economic and political future  into a simplistic, asinine narrative: if you want to stop immigration and save the NHS, vote leave. If you are worried about the economy, vote stay.

    Will there be another vote? No. Does there have to be a majority support in parliament for Brexit? Apparently not. Did anyone on either side have any clue about the consequences? Categorically,  no. Is that democracy? Absolutely not.

    People don't realise that referendums are nothing more than a political tool the government uses to put a stamp of popular legitimacy on something they had planned to do anyway. It has absolutely nothing to do with democracy.  Victor Orban used the same tactic as an instrument to strengthen himself politically because people often confuse patriotism with xenophobia.

    Given the 70% turnout, the result of 34% is a very low bar. Surely such a decision needs a supermajority vote of 70%?

    The idea that any decision reached through "majority rule"  is "the will of the people" and therefore somehow  "democratic"  is at best, a perversion of the term democracy  and at worst, naive gullibility.

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