Theresa May has won legally binding changes to her Brexit deal after talks in Strasbourg

The Prime Minister says she’s WON legally binding changes to Brexit deal in last-ditch bid to avoid crushing defeat.

Talks went on late into the night this evening as Brexiteers consider whether it will be enough to ease their fears that the hated Northern Irish backstop would turn us into an EU colony forever.

The Prime Minister is due to hold a second ‘meaningful vote’ on her Brexit deal in the House of Commons tomorrow but she’s not been able to secure all the changes she wants.

Talks went on late into the night this evening as Brexiteers consider whether it will be enough to ease their fears that the hated Northern Irish backstop would turn us into an EU colony forever.

As tomorrow’s Brexit vote remained on a knife edge, Mrs May told reporters her deal had secured the changes it needed for MPs to back her in the Commons.

The PM was “in negotiations” with EU bosses all evening, her deputy David Lidington said this evening.

Mrs May and her aides all looked pleased when they arrived in France this evening and went into talks about how to get the Brexit deal through.

She will still hold a second vote on her Brexit deal tomorrow – and could be expected to suffer a loss as the talks dragged on and on.

The documents revealed two sides agreed a joint interpretative instrument which commits the UK and EU “to work together to replace the backstop with alternative arrangements by December 2020.”

And it also included an addition to our future relationship outline – saying both sides will “expedite the negotiation and bring into force” the future partnership.

But talks appeared to be stuck over the final point – a UK statement which would help the Attorney General change his legal advice on whether the backstop would last forever or not.

Labour’s Sir Keir Starmer said the tweaks “adds nothing” to the deal and it still wouldn’t be good enough for them to get behind.

Iain Duncan Smith demanded the Attorney General come back to the Commons tomorrow to explain his expert opinion on the new deal.

He suggested the PM delay the vote for a day so MPs could properly consider the fresh text.

Mrs May’s scramble across to Europe was accidentally slipped out by Irish foreign minister Simon Coveney earlier, who said Mrs May was going “to try and finalise an agreement, if that’s possible”.

The Irish cabinet met too this evening, and the DUP’s Arlene Foster was in London talking to her MPs.

Top Tory Jacob Rees-Mogg said it was “too early to tell” but said it was “clearly a step in the right direction”.

Brexiteer Steve Baker said this evening he was waiting to see the text of the deal, telling Sky News: “We may or may not be able to support it.

“If in 5 to 10 years we found ourselves trapped in the backstop, in the customs union, people would rightly curse the day we had voted for the withdrawal agreement and ask why we’d been so weak.”

He added on Radio 4 it appeared tonight’s agreement was “something that has fallen short of what was expected”.

Their group of lawyers will meet tomorrow to analyse whether they think Britain can exit the backstop or not.

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30 Replies to “Theresa May has won legally binding changes to her Brexit deal after talks in Strasbourg”

  1. Even May's pet Attorney General has said the latest "deal" on the Backstop is not legally binding. Some please bring some garlic, a mallet and some wooden stakes to deal with this undead creature.

  2. What she's actually won is the 'my face looks like a smacked ass' competition. ~ she's also won the right to stand down and a general election very soon.

  3. What she has won is the right for the UK to legally appeal against the Backstop if we think it's gone on too long! How long is too long – 2 years and 100 years! The UK still cannot say 'That's it, the Backstop ends now. So what is so wonderful about that. What if the EU win and put inplace a permanent Backstop. Just leave on the 29th and the backstop issue disappears altogether.

  4. She 'won' nothing, the governments own legal advice says as much… Offer a free trade deal for all items that meet or exceed our standards or go WTO! Stop the uncertainty as that is what is doing the 'damage'.

  5. NO DEAL
    Sorry Traitor May but we didnt vote for a deal. . we voted to leave. . why are you betraying the wishes of the people who elected you????
    Bring Gerard Batten in, he has been working on this very issue for the last 30 years but more importantly he wants the UK to leave the EU . . .
    This whole thing has been a circus from start to finish. . . .

  6. If we leave the e.u now we have a better chance of our own future for today of leaders a our people need to realize that the government is doing nothing better for us but to just end everything that is not in our favour for everything that has better things honouring British people other than anything that doesn't bring chaos controvacy or judgement

  7. Well done Teresa May we re so proud of you all other politicians are acting like children an very unresponsive and forget that was the people who vote to come out you all just have a look at my videos they are really good Lol..

  8. Legally binding my backside, The unelected parasites of the EU have proven time & time again that they change laws or ignore them if they don't like them, If May hasn't sussed that out by now then why is she in her job?,

  9. The English are a nation of six year olds. Gimme, gimme, gimme, right this very second. No consciousness that things like this take years to work out. Or maybe there is, they just don't have the discipline of will and heart to work it through like adults.

  10. A repeat of Cameron's humiliation when he came back and tried to present it as a triumph. There has been no change in this "agreement", it is still is not legally binding, and the commons motion itself proves that by saying there is "a reduced risk" re. the backstop. But in any case, the rest of the "agreement " is worthless to the UK, it keeps us in the EU with worse terms than before. The statements of government yesmen , the only spokesmen given time on the BBC and MSM, are even more grotesque than before, the whole country must squirm with embarassment and anger when they hear their patently dishonest defence of the indefensible. The REMAINER PM AND THE REMAINER PARLIAMENT IS SCREWING THE COUNTRY AND DESTROYING BRITISH DEMOCRACY.

  11. May's deal is worse than the deal we already have, and no deal is far worse than either of them. Since they are our only options we should just stick with the deal we've had this whole time, since it's what's best for the country.

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