Theresa May gives news conference after delaying Brexit

UK Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to hold a press conference at the European Union’s summit after having her request for Brexit’s delay approved. Britain was set to leave the EU next week with no deal in place before the short extension was granted.

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34 Replies to “Theresa May gives news conference after delaying Brexit”

  1. Where was an extension to the leave date on my ballot paper? There wasn't one. Where was the fact that my vote for my country to leave the EU was conditional on a deal being agreed? It wasn't present.

    This parliament and their friends in business and the EU are a f*cking disgrace, they think that what they want is more important than what the majority of British voters want and they have intentionally subverted the democratic will of the majority of the British electorate as expressed in the 2016 referendum to save their own financial interests, meanwhile the majority of the British electorate are thrown economic breadcrumbs and expected to be overjoyed with them.

    I guess my vote now belongs to a right wing political party. F*ck the UK parliament, f*ck their friends in business and f*ck the EU.

  2. Pass my deal. – leave the EU in an orderly fashion.

    Don’t pass my deal – you’re gonna have to extend and pay billions to vote again, its gonna be disordered, and then we’ll end up CRASHING OUT OF the EU.

    Globalist traitor to her people. No matter what, vote out the remainers during the next elections.

  3. they tell you to give up your guns because it will make you safe so you did, they tell you that you need to adjust to new floods of people coming into your country because it will be good for you and you allowed it, and now you just realized your all unarmed debt slaves. and now no matter what you vote, you have discovered that your vote means nothing to them. and why should it, you allowed yourselves to be debt slaves to them,

  4. she is just buying time to delay for her friends to get into position to make sure they cant leave, they must be moving and arming troops.

  5. Britain wants OUT!!!!?!?!? Don’t understand, this woman is only holding them back. Get rid of May!!! MAYbe Britain is better off w/o T May !! Not a maybe, corrupted. Feel horrible for Britain’s she’s destroyed the country only to continue

  6. Trump is a complete joke! He is gradually and increasingly losing his mind. He is an embarrassment and the Republican community look like a bunch of dotards, cuckolds and cowards.

  7. This general age group in America and Europe are the classic tainted yuppies of the 50s, especially 60s and such! The poster children of do as I say not as I do🤢

  8. Does anyone care about the will of the British people??? I thought they voted they wanted to leave…what else is there to it? … I don't understand it.

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