Theresa May gets Brexit assurances from the EU

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UK Prime Minister Theresa May hopes that legal assurances Britain cannot be “trapped” in a customs union will win over her critics when MPs have a “meaningful vote” on the deal

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39 Replies to “Theresa May gets Brexit assurances from the EU”

  1. All I can say is why did we even leave eroupe in the first place. What are the British public even doing crazy people just crazy people. The uk is already a mess now they have made another well done

  2. Brexiteers are uneducated, racist bigots who are stuck in the dark ages believing that we are still that powerful nation. Wake up and look around…

  3. People need to get a grip and enjoy their lives instead of following politics cos end of the day your'e not a politician and your view doesn't count with our corrupt Government. Life will always go on whatever happens. May is just trying to get a good deal for the country so fuckin what

  4. Rubbish. It’s just another piece of corrupt paper like Cameron had from them in 2015. Remember, when we were a member, they froze the UK out of talks in 2012!
    Lest we forget

  5. As much as I aim to remain neutral on my channel, this woman is a soulless classist with the grace of a wrung-out cumsponge and the dance moves of Helen Keller.

  6. MAY and CORBYN PLEASE STEP DOWN! You are both USELESS! I'd rather have SHAMINA BEGUM as PRIME MINISTER!!!!!! I got more respect for HER than YOU 2!!!!!!!

  7. We vote brexit 3 years later WTF does our opinions and votes count for nothing we'll yes they do,corruption in the services, government and the system 🖕

  8. Who the hell thinks this guy is Sits there talking back to Britain saying there is no more chances we are not at school May sits there like a little child. THAT IS THE PROBLEM SHE WON'T STAND UP TO THEM

  9. F*** the Marxist undemocratic socialist superstate where all of its politicians and employees are immune from prosecution, where they've never ever provided any accounts where the money goes

  10. Her remain with less is the worst proposal I’ve ever seen
    Still in Sm still in Cu still in ecj still in backstop still in free Marrakesh movement !!

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