Theresa May confirms that UK will not be able to leave EU with a deal in time

Despite two parliament defeats of her Brexit deal, Prime Minister Theresa May has pressed on with the EU-backed offer, urging MPs to vote for the deal and, in an address to the nation, vowing to “get on with” exiting the union.

“We will now not leave on time with a deal on the 29th of March. This delay is a matter of great personal regret for me,” May said in Downing Street, ruling out any notion of a second Brexit plebiscite.



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32 Replies to “Theresa May confirms that UK will not be able to leave EU with a deal in time”

  1. In time? She wishes. There would be no magic deals in the world both satisfy the British ppl and the EU oligarchs at the same time. She may as well just admit a no deal is the only likely outcome from the start. Instead of practicing a no deal scenario in Britain, she continues to run down the clock by pushing her failed deals and going back and forth from Brussels. A no deal would not have been a disaster IF she had used enough time to train the country to react a no deal to begin with. She’s totally running a fool’s errands. 😄

  2. I don’t think Theresa may should get so much hate, she was thrown into this job not knowing how much of an ache it would cause, she must be so stressed knowing she has to go and get backlash upon backlash from the House of Commons and people that have very strong opinions towards her. So please just give her some respect she’s working her ass off ! 🙂

  3. So Brits wants to leave and remain at the same time. In Russia we have old proverb; if you try to chase two rabbits, you don't catch any 🙂

  4. How Much Will The Cost Of BRITISH GOVERNMENT To Create Global FireWalls Within Trade Marketing And Global Population Awareness Trans-Continental The Average Person Need That Commitment From A Former REPUBLIC state "*"

  5. If she has any sense should put a rope around her neck and jump off the parliament roof. Before the people do it for her dirty filthy treasonous witch.😡🤔😟😡

  6. The UK leaving without a deal will probably trigger the break up of the EU so all will be irrelevant, Mr Tusk and May are trying to blackmail the MPs into voting for her deal

  7. What's the difference between the Tory's and labour? Well one is the exploitation of the voters by a Traitorous bunch of bastards and the other is the same but the other way around.

  8. I don't know why MAY doesn't resign now, she MAY as well be a member of the EU Parliament /Council already!!
    She has become the perfect EU insider … A Brexit deal that is, in fact, an Orwellian BrexIn with no way out !!

  9. As an American I don't know all the Brexit intricacies. However I do know that all over the world we are being lied to about how voting actually matters. I think this is a perfect example. People voted to leave, but I'll be surprised if it happens. And even if there is a Brexit from the EU, there will definetly be some other centralised power institution installed that would essentially just be the EU with another name… Someday we will be freed from these psychopaths. I just fear what it's going to take to finally make people realize that action is required to actually change things. And that "voting" alone isn't going to work because it is little more than theatre at this point. Anyways, blessings to all of you.

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