The next Brexit PM: who takes over if May gets ousted?

THERESA May’s leadership has been an uncomfortable display of crumbling credibility combined with resolute determination to push through Brexit – no matter what.

In these turbulent times there seems to be little appetite to replace her – despite faint calls for a general election. But a week in politics is a long time, so here are the latest odds.

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Nigel Farage WILL lead new Brexit Party into European elections and return to Brussels as an MEP:

Theresa May forced to eat alone as she waited for FIVE hours while EU leaders gorged on langoustine and duckling at Brexit summit:

Merkel blasts EU hardliners trying to punish Britain for Brexit warning Europe needs UK:

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24 Replies to “The next Brexit PM: who takes over if May gets ousted?”

  1. Mp;s are supposed to carry out the democratic wishes not seek to promote their own agenda:s ;are saying they have no confidence in their own country .:perhaps they realise they have been riding on the tails of unelected beaurocrats that they have forgotten how to run our country independently -what a sorry state our politicians are

  2. The next PM must be a pro Brexit, I would personally like JRM who would be perfect simply brilliant, super intelligent.

    Gove is a snake and people hate him he’s nothing but a turncoat and traitor, anyone in the current cabinet can forget it.

    May is now completely finished and whoever takes over will face a general election so Conservatives better get it right otherwise Coburn will be the next PM.

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