30 Replies to “The History Of Devil May Cry”

  1. Should point out that a large majority of DmC haters literally never touched the game or even DMC at all. Its also worth mentioning That DMC4 basically single handedly ruined the franchise

  2. I’ve got a right unpopular opinion but I’ve played every devil may cry starting with the launch of the first one back in like elementary school or so but like
    I fucking loved DmC.
    Had my favorite rendition of Dante with the most balanced tongue in cheek/ brooding personality.
    Cool as sidekick.
    Cool ass story.
    Loved the They Live influence “consume”, “obey”, etc.

  3. I honestly loved DmC, ya the story and the characters were very disappointing and god awful, but the environment, music, and gameplay was best in the series in my opinion
    but overall DMC3 remains the true king of the series
    I'm extremely excited for DMC5

  4. Wait wait wait… in Heaven and Hell, Dante and enemies die in one hit, and in Hell and Hell Dante dies in one hit and enemies have Dante Must Die HP and mechanics.

  5. "Referencing SOME of Dante's classic skills"

    They reused most if the moves from 4. That's not some. These journos are just too shit to find those moves in the first place with previous games.

  6. Yo, when did YouTube start with double ads? 5 minutes in and got hit with some wool shoes ad followed immediately by a KFC ad. WTF?

  7. As an italian i can tell that, the pizza in the intro, is one of the most disgusting pizzas i've ever seen in my life… mamma fucking mia

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