The Division 2 – 10 In-Game Items You May or May Not Know About

The Division 2 is packed full of interesting back-screens that contain valuable information, but they are hard to navigate and locate. Here are 10 things you may or may not have known existed in The Division 2.

0:43 – Shooting Range is so much more than you realize!
2:30 – Disable Agent On-Call
3:30 – Want to speed level? Here’s a few tips for more XP.
5:28 – Weekly Challenges are here, but hard to find.
6:21 – Bounties can be challenging yet rewarding.
7:17 – Lore is in the game, but in a back screen.
8:03 – The Crafting Bench is important, but not now.
8:53 – Apparel Caches are back, but require more steps to unlock.
9:57 – Where is my Character Stat Screen?
11:10 – Commendations must now be collected once completed.

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22 Replies to “The Division 2 – 10 In-Game Items You May or May Not Know About”

  1. Fun fact: Charles Douglas is (was?) the CEO and co-founder of Douglas and Harding (company that produces that gear set).

  2. Nr 9, the on call status; Just go to Settings -> Gameplay -> scroll to the bottom; set On Call Status to off. Its permanently off now.

  3. More great onfo!!! Have you heard about the Clacker and if so could you please do a video about how to obtain it… Thanks again for the Great content. 👍👍👍

  4. Sorry man. You helped me out with this one. And I've gotten to level 30 and this is gonna be fun to watch. Thank you. And sorry man. I was doing what you've been doing.

  5. Hi Buzz, I've had a +4% XP green mod that I used while leveling up. Don't recall now what level it is. Keep those XP mods and put in your stash for leveling up your additional characters. I'm starting a 2nd character and hope this tactic will work.

  6. This video seriously need time stamps for these, I kept skipping ahead and in the end learned nothing I didnt know, although I suspect many didnt know about half of these.

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