TAKING DOWN URIZEN…Early – Devil May Cry 5 Easter Egg

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49 Replies to “TAKING DOWN URIZEN…Early – Devil May Cry 5 Easter Egg”

  1. If you have DT when you get to this part, use Showdown against his Crystal shield. If you're in DT it's uninterruptable to most attacks (Not all) And it's one of- if not THE most damaging combo ability in the game.

  2. in your face old fart dante nero is legand i just love the buster arm for nero so epic can do finsh move to boss not v or dante and virgl can do finsh move like nero 🔥

  3. Not sure if anyone has found this out yet but you can put nero's hood up with an emote, I'm not sure how I did it but I thought it was a cool touch that his hood can be interacted with 🙂

  4. The first game that I've played with this kind of Easter Egg was Tales of Destiny on the PSOne. Beating Leon (the Prologue Boss) will end the game asap and give you a very short and unsatisfying ending.

  5. This easter egg is very similar to a boss fight in Ninja Gaiden Sigma, when you fight the second boss, he's basically instant kill since Ryu was meant to lose in that fight in the story. But if you managed to beat that boss, the next difficulty unlocks.

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  7. CHECK OUT "KASHIMARO CLICK CLICK"…(that's actually his name) on youtube. This might seem like a spam but he actually did this on his first playthrough without any upgrades/ double jumps. Great vid as always Max.

  8. He's a pretty easy kill as long as you have some punchline. You gotta destroy the crystal once, but after that, the fully charged punch-line interrupts his crystal recharge.

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