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BERCOW'S BREXIT BOMBSHELL: Mister Speaker BLOCKS Theresa May's third vote (full statement)

House of Commons Speaker John Bercow was today accused of sabotaging Theresa May’s Brexit deal after telling MPs she cannot force them to vote on it again without changing it ‘substantially’.

The Commons Speaker cited a 400-year-old Commons precedent to inflict an extraordinary blow to Mrs May’s hopes of getting her EU divorce through Parliament.

Mrs May had planned to go to Brussels on Thursday and apply for a ‘long’ Brexit delay unless MPs show they are ready to back her deal by Tuesday night.

Now Mr Bercow used a precedent from April 1604 – used 12 times in the Commons since then – to warn the PM that she must significantly change her deal if she wants to force another vote on it before March 29.

It means that if Mrs May wants to force MPs into another vote after the EU Brussels summit she will have to ask Mr Bercow who would have the final say on if it goes ahead.

Unless Mrs May can make an acceptable change, the Speaker’s intervention means the PM’s deal will be killed off with No Deal or a long-term delay to Brexit the most likely options.

This video has Speaker Bercow’s full statement.



May secures “legally binding” changes to Brexit deal

European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker confirmed on Monday that he has agreed to the “legally binding changes” in British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal regarding the Irish border backstop. On the eve of Tuesday’s vote with MP’s, May flew to the French city of Strasbourg, where EU legislators were meeting, for talks with Juncker.
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MPs reject May's Brexit deal for second time by majority of 149

Theresa May’s deal faced a fresh vote in parliament, where it was rejected by MPs for a second time despite late concessions from the EU27. The PM’s deal was defeated by 391 votes to 242 – a majority of 149. MPs voted after the attorney general, Geoffrey Cox, said the legal risk over the contested backstop ‘remained unchanged’.
MPs ignore May’s pleas and defeat her Brexit deal by 149 votes


BREXIT: "I'm impressed by PM May's belief she knows all the answers and doesn't listen" – Lord Kerr

At the House of Lords, Lord Kerr of Kinlochard has critized the Brexit approach of UK Prime Minister Theresa May.

“What is striking about Mrs May is her messianic, Mosaic mission, and her determination not to listen to anybody else.

I am impressed by her belief that she knows all the answers, and does not have to pay attention to any of us”.



#Brexit "SIMPLES" : PM Theresa May channels Aleksandr the Meerkat as she slams SNP's Ian Blackford

SNP leader Ian Blackford heavily criticised Prime Minister May after she has made a u-turn.

The SNP leader called Prime Minister May “not fit for office and not to be trusted”.

Prime Minister May proved how in touch she is with popular media by quoting the catchphrase of an insurance advert that has been on television for about a decade.

Theresa May said that to end Brexit uncertainity Blackford and his party should vote for her deal to avoid a no-deal Brexit.

She said: “We are in talks with the EU and we’re talking about the issues this House required.

“If he wants to end the uncertainty and deal with the issues he raised… then he should vote for a deal.”

As she sat down she ended her reply with “simples” – a quote made famous by a talking Russian meerkat on the Compare The Market adverts.

The comment attracted widespread ridicule on social media seconds as the Commons fell silent with confusion.

“Zany Theresa May has parliament in stitches after deploying the phrases ‘Simples’, ‘Not!’ and ‘Whassssaaap!’ during a Brexit debate”, tweeted one.

MP Stewart MacDonald warned: “When there are questions around Kremlin-led financing of various Leave campaign group’s funding, I’m not sure channeling a fictional Russian meerkat is a clever form of trolling.”

A spokesperson for comparethemarket.com said: “We welcome the prime minister’s commitment to keeping life simples. Whilst we are not experts on her deal, we are preparing a new deal on energy bills which we will be putting to the people in the near future.”



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