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You May SOON Have To GIVE Your DNA To The STATE & PAY In Arizona! (2019 – 2020)

DNA Collection In Arizona…

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Nigel Farage on Brexit may be stopped, need to run EU elections, new party (18Jan19)

Former UKIP party leader Nigel Farage talks about the current state of Brexit, and thinks it is likely it will be halted via Article50, the likelihood of having to run European Elections, and therefore the need to setup a new party to contest them. Oh, and UKIP is finished.

Recorded from BBC News Channel HD, 18 January 2019.


Row over Jeremy Corbyn mouthing fact Theresa May is a ‘stupid woman’ in PMQs (19Dec18)

During today’s PMQs, Jeremy Corbyn can be seen to be mouthing the words “Stupid woman”, and all hell breaks loose because it'[s the first factual comment he’s ever made, and people don’t like him pointing out the FACT that Theresa May _IS_ as stupid woman.

Recorded from BBC2 HD, Politics Live, 19 December 2018.