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Liam Fox: article 50 delay may be only option for smooth Brexit

Speaking on the BBC’s The Andrew Marr Show, the international trade secretary said a delay in leaving the EU would be ‘very unfortunate’ but may be the only option to deliver a smooth Brexit. MPs are due to vote on the prime minister’s withdrawal deal within days
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May suggests Brexit delay, Labour backs second referendum | DW News

Britain’s prime minister has told members of parliament that they will have a chance to delay Brexit if they defeat her deal again.
Theresa May’s change of heart came after several senior ministers threatened to resign unless she allowed MPs to extend the March deadline, to avoid the UK crashing out of the EU without a withdrawal agreement. The British parliament is due to hold its next vote on May’s deal on 12 March. The prime minister’s announcement follows word from the opposition Labour Party on Monday that it would support calls for a second referendum if it doesn’t get the deal it wants.
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May’s Deal or no Brexit says Hunt!

Jeremy Hunt has rocked the Brexit boat by saying basically that the choice for MPs next Tuesday is either to vote for Theresa May’s deal or have no Brexit at all, which is at odds with Theresa May’s own position of her deal or no deal.

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But leaving the EU at 11pm on 29th March 2019 is currently enshrined in statute and can only be overridden by another statute and without government support that would not happen.

So, when Theresa May’s deal is voted down next week then, in order to fulfil the commitment to leave the EU, either another more acceptable deal needs to be quickly struck or more preferably, the government should straight away embark on a managed WTO exit from the European Union.

But Hunt said that it would be ‘very unrealistic’ to think that MPs would not be able to find a way of stopping a WTO based Brexit and that voting down May’s deal could lead to a sort of Brexit paralysis and possibly stop our exit from the EU.

But this ‘no Brexit’ option that Remain minded politicians keep harping on about is not a democratic option at all.

So, what is he up to?

Is this some sort of low grade attempt to scare the hard Brexiteers into backing May’s deal for fear that there is somehow a route to stopping Brexit altogether?

I for one don’t think that will gain any traction at all. Those that have read the deal understand full well the implications of it and how it is designed to lock the UK into EU vassalage in perpetuity. They are never going to give the UK away like that, especially as they know the voters are becoming more fully aware of the position day by day.

So the only ones voting for Theresa May’s abortive deal, are those that are quite happy to see the UK sucked into the EU mire for good and think that voters are too thick to notice or just want it all done and dusted however bad it is.

But with the amount of scrutiny this deal is getting and the information emerging on the Eurocrats self-preening over how good the deal is for them and how they’ve outwitted the UK, as well as the legally binding nature of the withdrawal agreement that does not include a legally binding trade deal to go with it – which will take many years to get to, if ever – will ensure that support for that deal is extremely limited.

The one group of people that it will give some heart to though, are those looking for a second EU referendum – the People’s Vote mob.

They will now be looking at what Jeremy Hunt said and thinking to themselves that maybe there is a direct route through to forcing a second referendum.

And that would have the effect of boosting the No to May’s deal vote amongst Remainer MPs across the House, not recruiting them.

The Lib Dems have jumped on this with their Brexit spokesperson, Tom Brake, responding that “the penny” had dropped with Jeremy Hunt and that his party is closer than ever to securing a people’s vote.

So, overall, all Jeremy Hunt seems have done is cause more damage to Theresa May’s deal and set the previously flagging Remainer second EU referendum hares running.





Theresa May s’oppose à un second référendum et pousse pour le Brexit

Theresa May tente de convaincre les députés de voter son accord de retrait de l’Union européenne et refuse tout nouveau référendum sur le Brexit. La proposition en avait été faite ce week-end par Tony Blair. L’ancien Premier ministre juge «irresponsable de vouloir convaincre de force les députés d’accepter un accord qu’ils considèrent comme mauvais». L’actuel locataire de Downing Street met en garde les parlementaires sur les dangers d’un divorce sans accord. Le chef de l’opposition travailliste, Jeremy Corbyn, dénonce lui «une crise constitutionnelle créée par le Premier ministre».

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Theresa May to continue as leader, but what does it mean for Brexit? | 7.30

British Prime Minister Theresa May has stared down her internal party enemies and will continue on as leader. Jonathan Peet, the political editor of The Economist magazine, joins Laura Tingle to discuss what this means for Brexit.

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