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VirtualLight for May 2018

Welcome to the VirtualLight. Today has three live channels from the group, including the lat Amor story presented at the VirtualLight. Also Chris Morris with Good News, Steve’s NO MORE SECRETS and a special interview with Judith Bogner. New announcements in segment 1 about ESPAVOtv.


Aquarius – It may look like you WONT . . . But you WILL ! ! !

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This reading is for the 1st half of May.
But, may be valid at other times of the year for you.
After watching 3-4 minutes. You should be able to tell if this reading is valid for you, at this current moment.


The Conversation ~ Lovers Series ~ May 2018 (Intuitive, all signs)

Psychic/Intuitive/Channeled Tarot Readings by Sandy

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