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Theresa May Rules Out Second EU Referendum!

In a bid to rescue her Brexit credentials, the Prime Minister, Theresa May, has ruled out a second EU referendum under any circumstances.

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According to senior political correspondent for Sky News, Beth Rigby, a spokesman for the Prime Minister has ruled out a second EU referendum.

“PM spokesman says there will not be a second referendum “under any circumstances”. There wasn’t going to be a snap election either was there. #JustSaying” she Tweeted.

This is of course in response to a call made earlier by former cabinet minister Justine Greening for a second – three question – EU referendum based on either: taking the Chequers deal, staying in the EU or leaving without a deal.

A stupid idea of course, because there’s nothing more likely to return a majority of less than 50% of voters submitting valid ballot papers than a referendum with more than a binary choice.

What would they do if this were to take place and Remain got 49% and the other two choices shared the remaining 51% equally? Claim a win against the 2016 52% majority? How would that go down?

Greening’s argument is that parliament has just about reached an impasse and the only way to free the constipation is to give it the laxative of a peoples’ vote.

Well, we did exactly that two years ago and the Remain led establishment worked hard to ensure that got all gummed up, so I strongly suspect they would do exactly the same again until the electorate buckled under to give the ‘right’ answer.

And the lead up to a second referendum would only be fear-mongering politics on steroids from the Remain side.

Scott Mann resigned putting more pressure on Theresa May.

And the Mail quotes what they call a ‘senior Eurosceptic’ as saying:

“There is a cold fury about Boris, which is unusual for him. He is totally fed up with Mrs May because he feels he’s been tricked. No10 have put it about that David Davis’s resignation forced him to follow suit. But that isn’t the case. He felt she hadn’t been a straight dealer and he had to go.”

Moving on, you may hear today that fewer EU citizens are coming to the UK looking for work, which the left is portraying as a bad sign and indications of a slowing economy.

But today’s migration report from the Office for National Statistics actually says:

“EU net migration continues to add to the UK population with around 100,000 more EU citizens coming to the UK than leaving. The estimated number of EU citizens coming to the UK “looking for work” continued to decrease over the last year and the number coming to the UK for a definite job has remained stable.”

So the number of those coming speculatively has fallen. But the numbers with a job to come to are about the same as before.

And an ONS statistician commented in the press release:

“With around 280,000 more people coming to the UK than leaving in 2017, these latest figures show that migration has continued to add to the UK population. Net migration fell following record levels in 2015 and early 2016 and has been broadly stable since. This is similar to the level recorded in year ending September 2014.

“Underlying this immigration has remained broadly stable at around 630,000 and emigration has shown a gradual increase since 2015 and is currently at around 350,000.”

Now, surely amongst those 630,000 people coming in to the UK there are sufficient doctors, nurses, teachers, engineers, builders, plumbers and electricians to fulfil our needs and replace the 350,000 leaving? Or would it make more sense to replace as required on a more one for one basis? Just asking.










My Deal or no Brexit says Theresa May!

Still pushing her doomed deal, the PM gave a speech in Stoke-on-Trent this morning where the message is now becoming: it’s either my deal or, if not, the more likely outcome is parliamentary paralysis leading to no Brexit.

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The Prime Minister, Theresa May, has changed her mantra from ‘her deal or no deal’, to ‘her deal or no Brexit’.

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She said that there were those in Westminster who would use “every device available to them” in order to “delay, or even stop, Brexit”.

Well, I think all of us could have told her that over the last two and a half years – and I also personally include her in that bracket!

In response to her speech, the UKIP leader Gerard Batten said:

“What we are witnessing is the political establishment fighting over their preferred method of stopping Brexit – should it be through Mrs May’s surrender document, a General Election or another referendum?

“In their arrogance and contempt for the will of the 17.4 million who voted to leave the European Union, the political establishment have embarrassed the nation in the eyes of the world.”

And he went on to say that if you want to leave the EU, there is no choice but to vote for UKIP at every opportunity.

Now, Mrs May will not have made a comment like this in a speech without very careful thought.

Maybe now that she’s exhausted all other avenues of support, she’s trying a last stab at getting the Brexiteers on board again with the threat that Brexit will be stopped, if they do not support her deal.

But of course all the Remainer MPs will now think ‘oh goody’ and vote her deal down and they vastly outnumber the Leave supporting MPs. So it probably won’t have achieved anything other than haemorrhaging more support.

Also there are many among the MPs who believe that if they vote down the deal today, the Eurocrats will just come up with some amendment to the legal text to the Withdrawal Agreement that puts the Irish Backstop issue to bed.

But getting anything out of the EU on this matter thus far has been like getting blood from a stone and the joint letter from Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker she received today, although full of warm words about the backstop contained nothing obvious to me you could hold up in court.

There is also the matter that, if – well actually when – any backstop issues did arise from this in the years to come, both Tusk and Juncker will be long gone and all that will stand is the legally binding Withdrawal Agreement document.

But this afternoon the PM told the House of Commons in her statement that the Attorney General has written to her today saying that the letter from Tusk and Juncker is legally binding in international law.

But for me, unless the actual text of the Withdrawal Agreement is amended, then surely the Attorney General’s original warnings of being permanently stuck in the backstop apply?

Anyway – there goes another one. Tory whip Gareth Jones, the MP for Dartford, has resigned from government because he can’t support the Prime Minister’s Brexit In Name Only (BRINO) deal.

That brings the total Brexit government casualties to thirteen – unlucky for some.

Coming the day before the expected so-called ‘meaningful vote’ the resignation of one of the people tasked to try and get it through, must be a bit embarrassing for the PM.

It looks like tomorrow evening’s vote is going to be a bit of a landslide defeat for the PM, so all she can hope to do really is limit the damage.

It doesn’t matter how badly she loses the vote, she is immune for another 11 months from an internal party challenge, but she might feel compelled to resign. It could also set in chain a vote of no confidence in her government that could force her out.

And it is reported today that Dominic Raab made a speech, which pundits say can only be viewed as a leadership pitch. Maybe the first of many to come from those Tory big-wigs eyeing Number Ten.

An interesting 48 hours to come.







Theresa May Begging Brussels for Brexit Help!

Poor old Theresa May hasn’t had a rest this festive season it seems, as she has spent her time talking Irish backstop to anyone in the EU who will listen.

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First things first, with just 88 days to go to the day the UK exits the European Union, in my final video of 2018, I just want to wish a happy and prosperous Brexit new year to everyone and especially my Patreon patrons.

Now back to Brexit!

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, has spent her Christmas, we are told, badgering her EU27 counterparts, begging them for some sort of assurances over the Irish backstop issue, that might satisfy all those MPs who intend to vote her deal down.

And the Prime Minister’s spokesperson said:

“She has been in contact with European counterparts over the break, and you can expect more of that to continue over the week.”

But it had to be conceded that nothing yet has been forthcoming.

In fact this would make a great comedy sketch wouldn’t it? With the UK PM phoning Brussels from Number Ten to find that the lone EU Commission switchboard operator has got totally fed up with her constant badgering and put her through to the Janitor first whose name just happens to be Jean-Claude. Could be an interesting conversation.

Anyway, so no Irish backstop goodies under the old Christmas tree for our Theresa then?

And with under three weeks to go until the day of reckoning of the vote on her deal, does she really think that there will be enough movement from the Eurocrats that will save her bacon?

Or is she just going to continue to plough the no-deal project fear furrow in the hope that enough MPs will succumb?

The problem for her on this though, is that once she’s ratcheted up project fear to the extremes against the no-deal option in order to try and push her own deal through, then it makes it very difficult to suddenly climb down and do an about turn and say that actually WTO (World Trade Organisation) is fine, after her deal is inevitable rejected.

But then again, she is the Queen of U-Turns having ditched ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’ and gone back on pronouncements that no PM would ever sign up to anything that endangers the cohesiveness of the United Kingdom. So who can tell whet she’ll do.

Now, while the likes of the International Trade secretary, Liam Fox, tries to persuade his fellow MPs to back Theresa May’s Brexit In Name Only (BRINO) deal, the US Ambassador to the UK, Woody Johnson, warns that the suggested quick, massive, bilateral UK/US trade deal will not be possible, if her deal is voted through.

There can be no greater indictment of Theresa May’s misbegotten Brexit In name Only proposals, than having the US Ambassador to the UK telling you that her deal will prevent the UK and the USA entering quickly into this massive bilateral trade deal.

The Ambassador, Woody Johnson, also said that the UK was in need of leadership, something that I must say has not gone unnoticed here in the UK.

Talking to the BBC Radio 4 Today programme he did also say that a good UK/US deal could be the precursor to doing deals around the world, that would, as he put it, take the UK ‘way, way into an exciting new world’.

But as far as he could see, Theresa May’s deal would not be the route to that outcome.

And he is by no means alone in that thinking.

And that is why so many true Brexiteers are against her wretched proposals.

Now the US Ambassador was also surprised at the level of ‘defeatism’ he has been seeing in the UK over Brexit.

“All of the reporting looks back and it looks at a very static future, – he said – rather than an active British future – about solving problems, entrepreneurialism and taking advantage of opportunities and being very innovative.”

And he added that we were “….leaving out the great thing that Britain has to offer and that is all of the people and all of their efforts and their ability to solve problems. If you factor that in, I think the future is extremely positive, extremely bright.” He said.

This is something that Brexiteers feel in their hearts and understand, it’s just a pity that the Remain campaigners can see nothing in our future except abject servitude to an undemocratic EU superstate.

But hopefully, once we’ve left and got over the initial few hiccups, the Remainers will come to realise that being an independent sovereign nation has its advantages and that those advantages far outweigh being told what to do from afar by people who do not understand the UK and its needs.




May’s Brexit deal, no deal or no Brexit!

The opinion of the ECJ Advocate General that the UK can unilaterally revoke its Article 50 letter, has put the proverbial cat amongst the pigeons.


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On the day that the House of Commons is due to start a marathon five day debate on Theresa May’s Brexit deal, culminating in the ‘meaningful vote’ next Tuesday, the Advocate General of the European Court of Justice, Manuel Campos Sanchez-Bordona, has stated that in his opinion the UK can unilaterally revoke its Article 50 letter and remain in the European Union without having to go to the EU27 for permission.

As I pointed out this morning, this is his opinion but in coming to its decision in the next couple of weeks, it would be unusual for the ECJ not to heed his advice.

And isn’t it strange that this comes out after weeks of being told that it’s May’s deal, no deal or no Brexit at all? You could be forgiven for thinking that it’s all been choreographed.

Now, I have to remind you that although the UK Remain establishment and Remoaners will be happy with this development, the EU Council and EU Commission will not be, as their lawyers did not want this outcome as I explained in a previous video, the link to which is above.

This intervention, does add a couple of new facets to what is being debated as of about 4:30 this afternoon and to how MPs vote next Tuesday – so the ECJ Advocate General has effectively interfered with internal UK politics.

The first thing to point out is that our politicians will be aware that the ECJ could ignore Bordona’s initial advice, which inserts uncertainty into the equation.

The second big driver is time, with Christmas fast approaching and less than four months to Brexit day, the pressure is on and trying to fit a general election or another referendum into that time would be nigh on impossible for those who wish to stop Brexit – and there would be huge political problems in doing that.

So, it seems it will now be down to them! It is now down to our mostly Remain minded politicians to make that decision in Parliament in the next few weeks.

So if you are a Leave politician are you now going to fear the possibility of a Brexit reversal and back Theresa May’s deal on the basis that a bird in hand is worth two in the bush?

Will this bring round Tory Brexiteers to the PM’s way of thinking?

And will it make Remain minded MPs more likely to oppose May’s deal in the hope that it will lead to Article 50 being revoked very quickly?

Now, one of the authors of Article 50, Lord Kerr, says that should the ECJ agree in its final ruling then we could decide to stay in the EU on current terms.

The trouble with that though, is that the UK has been signing off all sorts of EU empowering stuff, especially in the areas of defence and foreign policy, on the basis that we were leaving and we did not want to get in the way of the political direction that the EU27 wished to take.

So arguably the Remainers would opt for a general election or referendum to try and be seen to win over the voters, but as I’ve already pointed out, there isn’t really time and there are no guarantees – the electorate let them down as they see it in 2016, they might very well do that again.

And the Remainer Holy Grail of exiting from Brexit could be within their grasp if the ECJ decision goes their way. But they have to move fast.

Finally, the head of the UK financial services regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Andrew Bailey, told the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee, that the UK is better prepared to protect UK financial services consumers that the EU is, should there be a no deal WTO exit from the EU.

“In the context of the EU end of this – he told the committee – there will be consumers who are EU residents and EU citizens but there will also be UK expatriates living in the EU who fall into that group of EU resident consumers.

“We obviously are working and doing quite a bit of work with the Government on that but I have to tell you they are in a different place in that sense to the assurance I can give you in respect of UK resident consumers.”

You could be forgiven for thinking then that the EU has decided not to prepare as they think we will be taking May’s Brexit In Name Only (BRINO) deal – or believe that our politicians will take the step of negating Article 50 altogether.





May’s Great Brexit Surrender!

120 days to the allotted day for the Full Withdrawal of the UK from the EU, better known as FWUKEU and it is actually just four months to the day – but where are we on it? And what about this much vaunted May vs Corbyn TV debate?


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While much of the nation will be tuning in for the final episode of something called ‘I’m a Celebrity’ Theresa May is gearing up for a Brexit showdown with Jeremy Corbyn.

Now this is not going to be the fight of the century because they are both coming out of the same Remain-based corner of the boxing ring.

And in the other corner there will be no-one to represent the 17.4 million voters who voted to Leave the EU.

But the real problem is that these two can’t, it seems, decide on whether the BBC or ITV will do the best job of presenting it.

I understand that the PM wants a BBC confrontation and it has obligingly cleared its schedules for it – and the Labour leader wants it to take place on ITV.

It will just be a boring Tory vs Labour bashing exercise anyway and watchers will still be – purposely – in the dark about May’s atrocious deal.

One of the really big points missed in all of this is, if the UK does not leave the EU on the 29th March 2019 in the certain knowledge that it will definitely regain full and unfettered control over its laws, borders, policy making, defence and money, in short order, then not only will the voters have been denied but it would guarantee that the Brexit debate will continue to dog politics until we either hand over the country to the EU with no way back, or we regain control and diverge to make our own way in the world.

There will never, ever be a halfway house on this one.

Any connection to the EU will always be designed as a pull factor to reel us in and there are too many people in high places who would be more than willing to give that a helping hand.

The EU has successfully pulled Switzerland close to itself with a patchwork of 120 separate deals but is now insisting on a more far-reaching deal or the old deals will not be renewed. The negotiations for that are ongoing but the Eurocrats want it signed, sealed and delivered now.

An article on the Gatestone Institute website says:

“The EU is now pressing Switzerland to sign a comprehensive “framework agreement” that would require Bern to cede even more sovereignty to Brussels. The EU, for instance, wants Switzerland to subject itself to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice (ECJ). If Switzerland complies with the demand, the ECJ would outrank the Swiss Supreme Court as the final arbiter of legal disputes in the country.”

And while the PM goes on about how wonderful her Brexit In Name Only (BRINO) deal is, the former head of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove and Falklands War veteran, Major General Julian Thompson, have warned in a letter that May’s deal not only surrenders UK defence forces to EU control, it also compromises vital UK intelligence, which threatens Western security by risking the ‘Five Eyes’ alliance of the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK.

It also says that the £39 billion so-called Brexit divorce bill should not be paid and that we should leave on WTO terms.

Isn’t it obvious that we must now leave on WTO terms to properly safeguard our sovereignty in all areas. And save some dosh too. Anything else is a Great Brexit Surrender!

Personally, I don’t think that May’s deal stands a chance of getting through Parliament. And without a massive change in the Commons via a leadership vote or a general election how can anything else but a WTO exit be on the cards?

Both the EU and UK should now do what they should have been concentrating right from day one after the referendum – a full exit of the UK from the EU on WTO terms – and putting in place the infrastructure and agreements to make it work for us all.

Unless of course, enough of our MPs can get together to put in an amendment to upcoming legislation that overrides all the previous Brexit Acts to force the government to negotiate with the EU for an extension of Article 50. The Lords would be more than happy to rubber stamp that one.

In fact I expect to see that attempted several times in both houses in the coming months whatever the outcome.

And finally, an update on the post-Brexit UK/US open skies agreement that was being finalised yesterday. It’s been agreed.