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Devil May Cry 5 Nero VS Vergil No-Damage (DMD)

This is DMD as to a lot of people seem to not believe. the reason why the arm does so much damage is because the charged up buster arm does 10x more damage then a DT buster.
and if you have any other doubts, just look at Vergil’s phase shifts in battle. or my low melee damage (even though i EX or Max ACT all the time)


Devil May Cry 5 DMC 5 All Cutscenes Movie Story

Devil May Cry 5 All Cutscenes Game Movie Story Mode (DMC 5) 2019 PS4
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Devil May Cry 5 – REVIEW (PS4)

Devil May Cry has returned after a 10 year absence! And no, DMC doesn’t count. Are Dante and Nero back for a hell of a good time? Or will fans be wishing for the sweet embrace of heaven? Find out in our review!

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Análise do Trailer final (SPOILERS) | Devil May Cry 5

Análise do trailer final de DMC5… com SPOILERS pesados!
vários novos trechos de gameplay e revelações inesperadas rolaram nesse trailer.

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