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BREXIT: "Not enough support for third vote yet", PM May on brink hints at NEW REFERENDUM

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has finally hinted at a second Brexit referendum and admitted defeat on a third meaningful vote for her deal in a furious exchange with opposition MPs in the House of Commons.

May was speaking, for the first time, since she was in Brussels last week and the European Union admitted a Brexit delay.

May says she is ‘sceptical’ about whether allowing MPs indicative votes will produce decision.

May says the government is opposed to the Letwin amendment.

She says the government remains committed to trying to see if a Commons consensus can be reached if her deal is not passed.

But she says she is “sceptical” of this process. In the past when this procedure has been tried, it has produced contradictory conclusions, or no conclusions at all.



Potential fallout after Theresa May’s crushing defeat on Brexit

Britain’s Parliament voted overwhelmingly against May’s plan to withdraw from the European Union, leading to confusion about what will happen next with Brexit.


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BREXIT – Theresa May humiliated for 2nd time in 24 hours (9th January 2019)

UK Prime Minister Theresa May faces another Brexit fightback today as MPs attempt to force her to return to Parliament after three days with an alternative plan if her deal falls through.

At PMQs Theresa May says opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn should back her deal. She says today Corbyn is criticising no-deal spending. But on Monday he said it was “too little, too late”. Which is it?

Corbyn says May is the first PM to lose a vote on the finance bill since the 1970s. Will May protect thousands of skilled jobs in the automotive industry and others and rule out no deal?

May makes a jibe about Corbyn recognising the leadership Yvette Cooper showed. She says her deal protects jobs. It is sensible for the government to spend money preparing for no deal, particularly given Labour’s stance.

Corbyn says Chris Grayling is awarding millions of pounds to ferry companies with ferries that not exist. May has achieved nothing in her renegotiation. If her deal is rejected next week, will May call a general election?

No, says May. She says she has put a good deal on the table. She says she does not know what Brexit plan Labour has. Corbyn has been for and against free movement, and for and against the UK negotiating trade deals. He wanted to trigger article 50, and now he wants to stop Brexit.