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Brexitcast: May offers to go but the DUP say ‘NO’! – BBC News

What next for Brexit? Our BBC Radio 5 live Brexitcast podcast is now here on YouTube!

In today’s episode, Theresa May says she’ll quit if Parliament passes her deal but Arlene says she isn’t up for it.

What does this mean for Brexit? Laura Kuenssberg, Katya Adler and Adam Fleming from the BBC’s Brexitcast team are here to explain all.

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Bercow's NEW Brexit BOMBSHELL: Speaker throws May's deal into new chaos, It MUST change for new vote

House of Commons speaker John Bercow this afternoon threatened new Brexit chaos by throwing doubts over Theresa May’s efforts to get her deal through the Commons by Friday.

The Prime Minister has been considering announcing her resignation date this afternoon to win the support of Brexiteer rebel MPs in return for getting her EU divorce across the line at the third attempt.

But the Speaker warned the government today that her deal must have changed from the last time she brought it forward for a vote – and she cannot use a procedural device known as a ‘paving motion’ to get around him.

Bercow has already been accused of having Remainer sympathies and trying to thwart Britain leaving the EU.

May’s government insists that a new Brexit date agreed with the EU and clarifications to the backstop announced at a summit in Brussels amount to a ‘significant change’.

The Speaker alone will decide if the change is sufficient and is expected to announce the night before if he will block a third vote.

Mister Speaker says Prime Minister May cannot use a procedural device known as a ‘paving motion’ to get around him. Bercow has already been accused of having Remainer sympathies and trying to thwart Britain leaving the EU.



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Brexit: UK Parliament seizes power from Theresa May | DW News

UK lawmakers have once again frustrated Prime Minister Theresa May’s plans for Brexit. On Monday evening MPs voted to take control of the parliamentary agenda. They’re now set to hold a series of indicative votes on the country’s departure from the EU, in an effort to find a solution backed by a majority. May has said she won’t be bound by the results, but observers say this latest development shows just how much authority she’s lost over the Brexit process.
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Remainer MPs vote to seize control of Brexit | LIVE replay

THERESA May today faces fresh pressure to quit – whether or not she manages to force through her Brexit deal.

The PM is being urged to vow she’ll resign in a last-ditch bid to convince Brexiteers they should back her deal in the Commons this week.

And she was warned that if her Brexit strategy collapses, she’ll have no choice but to step down anyway.

The PM is considering holding the third “meaningful vote” on her deal as soon as tomorrow in a high-stakes gamble – if she can win over the DUP.

This morning the Prime Minister summoned Cabinet ministers for a Downing Street summit to lay out the next steps on Brexit – but they didn’t discuss her own future.

During the meeting, ministers clashed over whether they should go for a No Deal Brexit in the event the PM’s deal is defeated for good…

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Theresa May has shown courage — but to seal her deal and deliver Brexit, she needs to resign:

Boris Johnson slams Theresa May’s ‘chicken’ Government for ‘bottling it’ over Brexit:

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