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Archaeologists Have Discovered That Another Advanced Species May Have Lived Before Humans

Archaeologists have discovered that another advanced species may have lived before humans. Ancient artifacts could prove that ancient advanced civilizations once existed.

The milky way galaxy has between 100 billion and 2 trillion planets and it would be far fetched to say and even a few of those could have life on them. Modern humans believe that we are the only advanced species that lived on this planet but what if that’s not true.

Recently a thought provoking paper was released which takes a look at other advanced species which could have lived. Scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies and the University of Rochester take a critical look at whether other advanced species ever existed.

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Things Your Teachers May Have Taught You That Are Actually Totally Untrue

Things Your Teachers May Have Taught You That Are Actually Totally Untrue
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5 Reasons Advanced Civilizations May Have Existed

5 reasons advanced civilisations may have existed. We take a look at these 5 reasons why advanced civilisations may have existed.

Though there are many people in the alien community that believe that not only were our ancestors significantly more advanced than us, but that perhaps advanced civilizations flourished in the past and were far more abundant and capable than of the current modern age. Originally seen as nothing more than a ridiculous conspiracy theory, the idea of an advanced prehistoric age has come to the forefront in archaeological discoveries and even more frequently in the alien community.

What many people often struggle to understand; however, is what could have been the particular cause for these advanced civilizations, and why it is today that these ancient technologies have been lost to us. So, today, we will be going over 5 reasons as to why advanced civilizations may have existed and the reasons for why they no longer exist today.

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