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Thanos May Have Snapped Himself (Avengers Endgame Theory)

Is there a chance Thanos snapped himself at the end of Marvel Avengers Infinity War?

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The problem with people who have plans that involve major sacrifices is that they generally think they’re going to come out okay. Sure, Thanos thought his plan to kill half of everybody was dispassionate and fair, an indifferent plan to destroy half of life to save the other half. When Thanos was planet hopping, that was an easy sell. He was never going to be on the list, but someone had to enact the plan.

Going planet by planet individually killing half of all life was a time consuming process, so he employed the powerful Infinity Stones. We learned in Infinity War that the stones have a will of their own and they’re not especially concerned with how important the mortals who seek their power feel about it. It’s possible that Thanos narrowly dodged a dusting of his own. Here’s how.


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