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Devil May Cry 5 – Fighting against bosses in The Void – Mod Showcase

This Devil May Cry 5 PC mod was made by Tehfeels. You can get it from here:

Other mods used include:
– Final Boss Arena as The Void be Tehfeels:

– Sparda over Red Queen by Dr Penguin51:

So, initially I wanted to feature some boss fights with characters you aren’t supposed to use against, like Nero vs Cavaliere Angelo or final form Urizen via Cheat Engine. Problem is, after the latest update for DMC5, that Cheat Table doesn’t work anymore, including trying out Vergil, buggy as he is, from the game files and play him (he is basically incomplete and I suspect it was left there as a sort of placeholder until the Bloody Palace Update).

So this mod is the next best thing I guess. Though, it still needs some work for some bosses, like Artemis and Goliath (if you grab Goliath with Nero in the Void you fall through the floor…). That said, jumping straight into a boss fight in The Void is really awesome. 🙂

Anyway, please enjoy the video. 🙂

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Suicide Silence MAY CRY "Devil May Cry 5 Subhuman Music Video" (reaction)

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