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Forced Feminization Ft. Dante From The Devil May Cry Series

The stream that birthed the “It’s gonna be one of those streams huh” meme, this was originally recorded on 10/14/18 when I was saving for a con. It was very helpful in allowing me to go, so thank you for all who donated and showed up!

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6 Reasons V Is Our Favourite Character in Devil May Cry 5 – Devil May Cry 5 V Gameplay

Ahead of the upcoming release of #DevilMayCry5 we got to play the first eleven missions at a preview event, where we went hands-on with Devil May Cry 5’s three main playable characters – Dante, Nero and V. While Dante and Nero are familiar, and that’s a good thing, we found ourselves very excited to play more of the enigmatic V. Here are six reasons he might be our favourite playable character so far.

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Ranking the Devil May Cry 2 Bosses from Worst to Best

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With Devil May Cry 5 releasing March 8th, what better time to dive into the Devil May Cry series and rank the best Devil May Cry bosses. We’ll be ranking the bosses in Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 2, Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening, Devil May Cry 4, DmC: Devil May Cry, and finally Devil May Cry 5.

This 18-year running franchise holds up suprisingly well for a first time player in 2019. Today’s video is on the best and worst Devil May Cry 2 bosses, including Phantom, Infected Chopper, Furiataurus, Arius, Nefasturris, Plutonian, Bolverk, and Argosax the Chaos. I hope you enjoy – and if you do be sure to subscribe to stay up to date on all the latest content from the channel!

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Devil May Cry 5 – “We Still Have a Couple of Surprises” – Interview

We’re all-in for Devil May Cry 5 this March, having enjoyed a good five hours with the game earlier this month, so we had plenty to talk about when we sat down with Game Director and games industry legend Hideaki Itsuno.

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