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“Devil May Cry 5” | Timeline Changed?! | DMC2 now takes place before DMC4

Devil May Cry 5 news informs us that Capcom has changed the timeline of DMC. What’s up guys? This is RBG hitting you up with rather interesting news regarding something that was revealed on the official CapcomChannel. And that is the subtle change of Devil May Cry 5’s chronology. Now I’ve been going on and on about the order in which each game takes place and 1 of the main things I’ve elaborated on the most is where part 2 fits within the timeline. For the longest time it’s been said to take place at the tail end of all the entries leading up to DMC5 which means DMC2 takes place after part 4. This has been something that’s been addressed by Capcom themselves through official collectables like the DMC graphics art book entitled 3142 which is a play off of the order of the each entry. And Devil May Cry 4 gave a brief movie providing some of the history about the series in which they show part 2 as Dante’s last adventures. Even Devil May Cry 5’s producer, Matt Walker confirmed that DMC2 took place before the events of part 5. So there was more than enough proof to validate Devil May Cry 2’s place in the timeline. Granted some of the fan’s refusal to believe it was in the place it was in let alone it being canon was reasonable. Because the game is riddled with flaws and Dante’s attitude is the polar opposite of what he’s like in parts 3, 1, & 4. Not to mention the fact that if it did take place after 4 why was there no mention on the whereabouts of Nero and Dante’s expansion of the Devil May Cry brand. But DMC4 sorta explains why he has that serious personality. Stating that that he’s fully embraced Sparda’s legacy and grown more fearless with age. And he’s so powerful compared to his earlier incarnations. So I felt that it was necessary to putting DMC2 at the very end. What I will say is that they do seem to be taking certain story elements like the Majin form and adding it into DMC5. We just need to see a little more to be expanded on. Like the whereabouts of Lucia.


“Devil May Cry 5” | Real Life Models | Character Details

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Devil May Cry 5 real life models and character details. What’s going on guys? My name is RBG, and we are back with more coverage on Devil May Cry 5. In todays upload I thought I’d do something a little different and go behind the scenes of the actual models who’ve given their likenesses to DMC5. Because I don’t think there are that many people covering that particular info. Like it tends to go unnoticed for whatever reason. So I’m gonna go ahead and talk about them and give my thoughts on the overall designs for each character model. But before we get into today’s topic I wanna remind you that I am now an amazon associate/affiliate. This platform allows me to promote certain items that I think will peak your interests. And 1 of the main items I think you’ll be interested in is this Devil May Graphics Art book titled “3142.” Those specific numbers represent the actual chronology the games are set in. And it’s packed with tons of art designs, un-used concepts, and exclusive interviews from the devs and artist. I also have links for other DMC related media that’ll get you caught up to speed on the story before the newest game comes out. The links will be in the description and pinned in the comments so check em out if you’re interested. But anyways we all know that Capcom has been very adamant about using their in-house graphics engine called the RE Resident Evil engine. An engine that specializes in a technique called subsurface scatters which allows them to produce realistic skin, dynamic shadows, and other details while running at a native 4k output. So they’re working with some very powerful software that’s most likely gonna be used on future Triple A Capcom titles for years to come. And I think it’s mainly for the games that’ll be going for a more realistic look. Because for the most part the RE Engine has mainly been centered capturing that photorealistic aesthetic. There’s an insane amount of emphasis they put on making characters, and creatures look real.