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Brexit: “The chances of any support for Theresa May next week are reducing pretty fast”

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In the UK, the Attorney General’s legal advice on Theresa May’s Brexit deal has been published. This comes after MPs voted to find the government in contempt of parliament for ignoring a commons vote demanding publication. Another blow to the Prime Minister on Tuesday was the vote that MPs should have more say if the commons votes down her deal. Today they are debating the immigration and security aspects of her deal. They’ll decide whether to accept it next week.

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Brexit: Nő a feszültség Theresa May és a parlament között

A törvényhozás kimondta, hogy a kormány megsértette a szuverenitását egy Brexittel kapcsolatos állásfoglalás részleges eltitkolása miatt. Másrészt az alsóház felhatalmazta magát, a Brexit-folyamat irányítására, ha jövő héten leszavazzák May kilépési megállapodás-tervezetét.

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Brexit : «Theresa May essaie de sauver les meubles»

Entretien du 5/12/2018 avec Gilbert Casasus, professeur en études européennes. Pour RT France, il détaille les avancées des discussions sur le #Brexit et le point de vue des #conservateurs sur cette question.
#RoyaumeUni #UE

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May the deal be with you: The week of Battle for Brexit

It’s the most important week of the British Prime Minister’s tenure, and it’s fair to say her battle for Brexit has not got off to the best of starts.

That’s after Theresa May’s government was found in contempt of parliament, for the first time in its history. The PM says parliament’s failure to back her deal, could see the EU’s exit door slammed shut in the country’s face.

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