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May’s Proposed Brexit Deal Explained – Explaining Brexit

The UK and EU have finally reached an agreement on the terms of the UK leaving the EU. We discuss what is included in this 585 page proposed deal. Including the Irish/Northern Irish backstop, citizens rights, and the divorce payment.

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Theresa May: Brexit will stop EU nationals ‘jumping queue’ ahead of non-EU workers

The prime minister says Britain’s future immigration policy will be based on skills rather than nationality. Speaking at the CBI conference on Monday, May sought to seal business support for her Brexit deal, but remained on a collision course with a group of lawmakers seeking to unseat her
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Brexit coup: Rees-Mogg so far fails to topple May

It’s tea for two for Theresa May and the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in Brussels tomorrow.

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But once the crockery’s cleared, don’t expect a handshake on a final document, Downing Street said today.

Cabinet ministers got a glimpse of those plans this morning at a meeting variously described variously as “tense” and “constructive”.

In the Commons, has Mrs May really dodged an attempt by Eurosceptic MPs to unseat her or is the plot continuing?


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