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Devil May Cry 5 – HELL AND HELL WORLD RECORD?! 【Prologue Urizen 1 Cycle S Rank】

So I’m gonna make a whole HaH S ranks playlist / full playthrough, and thought this would make a good start.

I’m not a fan of the game to be honest, it’s piss easy and my playstyle is effortless while I often look to how to make it even more braindead than what it already is in a standard playthrough.

Unlike some diehard DmC players, you’ll find some real cheese strats in my gameplay, so I hope you’ll enjoy a different take on that.
In case you’re wondering about the red orbs count – there’s a farming method running online in mission 13, pretty easy to pull and doesn’t take very long to do.

Skip to 03:00 to go straight to the Urizen fight.


To clear things up, the game has been re-purchased:

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As a challenge addict the game was a complete disappointment for me originally. I gave it a chance to redeem itself by exploring further content, and fair is fair. Good enough.


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Devil May Cry 5: All Bosses

All the boss battles in Devil May Cry 5 on PC in 4K 60fps.
0:00 – Qliphoth Roots
2:06 – Goliath
11:11 – Artemis
15:46 – Nidhogg
20:56 – Elder Geryon Knight
26:24 – Gilgamesh
33:57 – Proto Angelo
38:18 – Urizen vs Nero
44:45 – Cavaliere Angelo
49:37 – Urizen vs Dante
55:00 – Malphas
1:00:26 – King Cerberus
1:06:38 – Urizen Final Form
1:15:26 – Griffon, Shadow, and Nightmare
1:24:56 – Vergil vs Dante
1:31:38 – Vergil vs Nero
1:41:42 – Ending
1:46:15 – Secret Ending

DMC 5 boss fights and ending.
BFD, Boss Fight Database.