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Devil May Cry 5 – COMBO MAD 2 -[デビルメイクライ5 コンボ動画]

1080p/60fps recommended.
Making the combo videos will be stopped for a while, next is BOSS fight videos.

————-About doing nuisance to other dmc players———————-
Although I don’t want to say this to viewers, but I must say.
I have really appreciated your supports from viewers. It will become my next video’s motivation. And I will say that I don’t care how you call me like as “a god”. But such the attitude should be allowed only in my channel. So please don’t keep the stance when you watch other great dmc players. I watched many unpleasant comments in many dmc videos of other players, and they said…
“Donguri is better”
“Donguri is best”
I think they are posted from a small part of my viewers, but these comments have definitely bothered other dmc player. I said I appreciated your supports with many cheerful comments, but excessive behavior is not needed. We should respect other dmc players.
All I want to say is to be polite to other players and acknowledge the greatness of their combos. If we can do, we will be able to enjoy DMC more.

Used BGM:
1. DMC4 Nero’s battle theme
2. DMC5 Nero’s battle theme
3. DMC4 Shall Never Surrender


Devil May Cry 5 – COMBO MAD –

1st combo mad (Remade). Since it is only one week after the release, the quality may be low. but I hope you would enjoy this:D I added many movie but I abstain from major spoiler as far as possible.