Speaker says May cannot have vote on same Brexit deal

In a surprise statement to MPs, John Bercow says government cannot bring meaningful vote back to parliament again unless substantial changes have been made to the prime minister’s Brexit deal. The Speaker said there had been much speculation about another meaningful vote after MPs expressed concerns about being asked to vote on May’s deal more than once
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Brexit: John Bercow rules out third meaningful vote on same deal ► https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/mar/18/brexit-john-bercow-rules-out-third-meaningful-vote-on-same-deal

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36 Replies to “Speaker says May cannot have vote on same Brexit deal”

  1. He is a remainer not caring about public vote just trying to do everything in his power to stall brexit. These MP's should be ashamed throwing there dummies out the pram.

  2. Looking at all this, the EU proves themselves a European bully far away from democratic solutions. I am not surprised at all, as some time ago I took a look at the EU structure of decision making. Shame on you, the EU!
    the UK proves themselves that they can be a country of reason and humanity.

  3. Berco is another Judas who's licking the remainers arses, this man and I say that very lightly is supposed to be neutral but everybody knows where his loyalties lye, this sneaky little rat has enjoyed every minute of frustrating the will of the people and will continue to do so, he's clearly in bed with conniving Corbyn who's now desperate as he sees his chances of ever being PM slowly going down the drain because of the lies and deception he has heaped on his supporters who are mostly leavers, they now know just how devious he is and how he will lie to get what he wants without a thought for them. This shows the corruption within our so called Democratic Society which is now dead thanks to the antics they have carried out to kill off Brexit.

  4. We won’t leave the powers at be would never allow it. This is just part of the plan to overturn Brexit. Democracy is an illusion !

  5. On march 28th, her majesty will suddenly fall ill.
    Two bishops will move in. Check mate England.
    You have maneuvered yourself in an impossible position. And you have just been warned of the threefold repetition rule.

  6. We need to walk away now, and sort out trade details later. WTO rules with EU will do nicely for now. Democracy and thec referendum must be honoured.

  7. Dissolution ? This is so far out of hand now. Too many self serving 'MP's' who simply can't cope with being told (for once) what to do. Many have their reasons which are legitimate but end of the day, even more just won't listen to the legal mandate presented to them. Ego's and arseholes.

  8. Well that f@cks her plan up then, is this check mate for Brexit, I would like John Bercow to restore ORDER when there is no Brexit and the civil unrest begins 😱

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