She lost her voice, then the vote…. will May lose her job next?

Theresa May’s future as Prime Minister in in question after another humiliating Brexit defeat.

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37 Replies to “She lost her voice, then the vote…. will May lose her job next?”

  1. May should never have had the job in the first place. A political hack, she was clearly put in as a patsy to carry the can when her backers got the result they want but can't admit to. I agree with nothing she does or says, but I'm actually beginning to feel sorry for her.

  2. Because most MPs are remainers she will always survive a vote of no confidence . They will delay Brexit and push for a general election or second referendum. The powers that be demand we stay in the customs union and still be governed by Eu law , regardless of whether we stay in the Eu or out. It’s a complete betrayal of democracy

  3. May should lose more than her job. That's twice she's out right lied to parliament over her not leaving the EU terms of leaving. She is in utter contempt of parliament and democracy.

  4. It’s very sad that May’s voice reflected her current political situation.

    The weak and lonely voice of a PM that doesn’t have anything new to say or any power behind her words.

  5. 😂 leave and no deal will have the 🇬🇧 fked only the uneducated benefit scroungers are pushing to leave as they don’t understand what Brexit actually is 😂😂

  6. "Oh I feel so sorry for Mrs May. She's doing her best", say some commentators. Do me a favour. I've no pity for her. She signed up for it. She's got a cushy life. No financial worries. Feel sorry for the Grenfell families still living in hotels. Feel sorry for all the families who have lost loved ones because of her policing numbers cuts. As far as I'm concerned,she can jump in the Thames and hopefully never emerge again.

  7. She will most likely resign when her mission is accomplished, to kill Leave. Later on she will be praised for her efforts and stamina. The Brits will thank her for saving them and there will be few who will admitt they ever was a Quitter.

  8. No power no clout no charisma, bloody useless and the Tories knew it. We have to change the political system in Britain its just not working for the people Labour and Concervative are a disgrace and its the same old pattern time after time they get into power and completely f— the country up and then all we do is vote the other shower in, weve got to do something to change it.

  9. This woman has more lives than a cat, any decent person would have resigned by now making way for someone with more competence, she played us all like a fiddle for over 2 years in the hope the leave vote would loose momentum, this deceit has backfired in a spectacular way making people more determined than ever to leave this corrupt organisation. She's heading for big trouble if she doesn't deliver on her promise to honour the referendum vote, Corbyn and Co are living in fantasy land if he thinks he's going to romp home in an election after the lies and scaremongering he's done to sour the leave vote after his false promises, UKIP is the only way to go now that the two main party's have proved how untrustworthy they really are.

  10. Yeah I'm disappointed in her. I would loved to have had a Thatcher in my lifetime, and thought she may have been but, she's absolutely spineless and doesn't posses any integrity or substance that the Iron Lady had.

  11. I feel sorry for her because her premiership is a disaster and it would have been different without the Brexit issue. I think she did her best but hadn't the skills to negociate with the EU and shoud resign the sooner the better for UK

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