Senior Tories tell May to steer clear of Brexit negotiations with Labour

Theresa May has been warned by senior Conservatives not to negotiate with Labour over Brexit.


That’s raising questions about Mrs May’s willingness to compromise with the opposition, after her letter to Jeremy Corbyn yesterday didn’t rule out discussions on keeping Britain inside a customs union. The International Trade Secretary Liam Fox dismissed Labour’s plans as unworkable, while Boris Johnson warned that such a deal would have a disastrous effect on the Conservative party. Mrs May will update MPs tomorrow.


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42 Replies to “Senior Tories tell May to steer clear of Brexit negotiations with Labour”

  1. 70% of the establishment and MPS are not fit for purpose, they want to reverse the referendum result, but they claim they want to honour the result which of course a pack of lies.

  2. Think we are over looking something. Diversity is destroying our democracy. There is no way on earth people from such vastly different back grounds can pull together in one direction. Even with the mind control games of the BBC.
    When UK was largely Anglo we all pulled together as British people to get the best for Britain. For better or worse BBC pointed us in the right direction.
    That's gone now. That's all changed.
    You have seen the Anti-British comments. Some people who live here don't want the best for Britain and don't understand what that is.
    That's an observation. Not scapegoating anyone. It's the new reality.

  3. "I see no evidence of that at all " ( support for a second referendum ) . F**ing lier !! All the polls for over a year show a clear majority for a second referendum . 700 000 people in the street – the largest demo since the Iraq war ( he probably said the same thing then – no evidence of opposition to the war ) . Sick of lying politicians .

  4. You got to stop this fanciful thinking for a people's vote to stop brexit. If the choice was to leave the first time round. How do you think everyone would vote in a choice between a deal or leaving without a deal on WTO and not paying billions to the EU! ….. I feel remainers are actually creating a possible no deal with their deluded perception

  5. Great to see the political establishment shitting themselves. Why would poor people care about being made poorer when they already have nothing. Something our middle class politicans have yet to learn.

  6. “What does this new passport do?”
    “It’s blue.”
    “Can I use it to travel freely and work in 26 neighbouring countries?”
    “No – but look, it’s blue.”

  7. Teresa may has tried with determination to, a job David Camron fled double quick ….whoever tried to sort this mess out would have been dealing with chaos ,because the British public was not aware of all the facts before voting , most voted to Brexit so the Uk could get back to how if was ,before the floodgates opened, Our country has never been in such state since the second war but I do not think we are alone ,there is unrest everywhere , good luck to other Europeans we will be there for our hols

  8. Brexit was basically “do you like your life now or want to twist instead of stick”. Add in xenophobia and racism, some gullible fools who actually believe a word Farage or Johnson say, and you have a vote carried. People are ALWAYS going to think the grass is greener on the other side.

  9. Its not a peoples vote its a losers vote….May's deal is Brino………..We were offered a deal at the beginning of all this but May turned it down.
    What happens to the money we save by leaving ?
    Don't we have a strong Bargaining chip with fishing the EU make enough out of what they have been taking.
    Don't we buy more off them than they do us…
    The EU are heading for reccession so will we but if we stay in we have to join the EURO by 2020…this country has had enough OUT FFS !

  10. my family have been labour party supporters since kier hardy . its hard to take them seriously these days ,they don't care about the working man instead they just despise the rich and successful . from now on ill be voting to stop hospital parking charges, £500 million extra for mental health, increased funding for residential nursing care, end unfair work capability assessments,increased rights for disabled, scrap bedroom tax, scrap HS2, grants to build 1 million affordable homes on brown field sites, rescind UKs assent to barcelona and marrakesh declarations. ill be voting ukip from now on. time for common sense and honesty to return towestminster

  11. WTO rules are fine – "Just In Time" manufacturing relies on a slow boat from China, I am sure the world's best merchants, the Brits, can overcome this minor obstacle.

    "Are you being honest with your constituents that Brexit will make them poorer?" Sheesh – its shameful.

    Is the BBC being honest with the people about it's elite globalist agenda which borders on treason? Wow, I can phrase my attacks in the form of a question too.

  12. Angela knows there is no chance of remain ever winning a second referendum and is only trying to undermine Jeremy Corbyn. There's always plenty airtime for her sort on channel 4

  13. Over the last 25 years the quality of MPs has gradually deteriorated, to an all time low – with May, the worst Tory leader ever, and Corbyn, the worst Labour leader ever, being perfect examples.

  14. The only deal one can do with a "Shirt-Lifter" like Liam Fox is whether to go with the USA; or go with the USA! He,s a "Hunting- Coundrel"! Warton Lancaster.P.S. Is "Top-Ride" Adam Verrity in on these deals?

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