Reviewing the Devil May Cry Trilogy!

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Devil May Cry 5 is right around the corner! With the imminent release, there is no better time than the present to revisit the classic trilogy on the PlayStation 2 that birthed the series we know and love today!

Devil May Cry Review – 00:00
Devil May Cry 2 Review – 13:50
Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening (Special Edition) Review – 31:59

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45 Replies to “Reviewing the Devil May Cry Trilogy!”

  1. I played DMC at one time when I was in college and I can't wait to play all DMC triologies. I even thought I wanted to save my money to buy a PS2 and other masterpieces.

  2. I never knew there was a dmc2 i thought they just skipped 2 and went to 3 like how microsoft skipped windows 9 and went to 10. Jokes aside i'm really intrested to hear your thoughts on the devil may cry reboot because I personally liked it the combat was fun, the levels were cool, and Dante grows up and grows on you.

  3. Vergil is Propably one of the best Villains in Videogames history, This is Because He's far superior to Dante in Both Skill and ability earlier in the game, Vegil was a motivation for Dante (and the player) in order to get stronger as he defeats Dante the first time, it actually gives Dante the motivation he needed to get stronger and realize his full potential, with each encounter Dante's skill gets enhanced as he learns new skills and he learns to embrace his Demon Heritage, Upon Dante's encounter with Lady, he learns what it means to be a family and what he must do in order to Protect humanity, in which he realizes his full potential in his final Encounter with Vergil, with Dante protecting humanity while Vergil is Obssesed with Surpassing his Father, finally after defeating Vergil, Vergil finally shows respect to Dante before departing back to the Demon World, making the experience more Satisfying.

  4. 49:15 I dont think that was the reason peope didn't like your review of ZX Advant. It had more to do with you reaching X6 levels of rage for the game having a boss rush and other quirks which by that point in the franchise would be sacrilege to get rid off in a 2D Mega Man game. As well as disagreeing with what you considered to be a boss weapon or metroidvania gadget.
    Regardless this was a great video and Id be intrested in your thoughts on the other games ESPECIALLY DMC given everyone only talks about the script and never about the gameplay

  5. When I heard your voice in your other vids with no face I just thought “yep he’s a pastey white boi like myself” but I’m kinda surprised with not only the unexpected face reveal but also me being wrong. It’s not a bad thing but just something I found unexpected.

  6. The first game still holds up in my opinion. It has its shortcomings, but I still had a blast with it. It's one of the few examples where the game holds up tremendiously well with a balanced and fair difficulty. There are some frustrating and annoying moments, but they are so few and far between and they don't overstay their welcome that I actually compliment the game for its difficulty. It's one of those games where you feel like you accomplished something after beating it, challenging enough but not too hard that makes you throw your controller to a brick wall.

    There's something about DMC2 that just doesn't click with me like with the first game. There are some cool mechanics that were taken over to DMC3 in a more refined and polished state, but from the very beginning of the game where you get your chance to control the character, I instantly realized there's something fucked with the game. From the movement that lacks the weight and momentum to an awful level design. I hated how the helicopter fight plays out and the build-up to it is just bland and abhorrent. I even disliked how the dodge function was implemented and how one button command was structured around it. It just seems like a waste of a button function to me. The idea around it sounds intruiging on paper and as an idea it should be more accessible and streamlined but on execution they pretty much wasted a button command and doesn't tick well. It's definitely my least favorite game of the series especially compared to the reboot. The game's not godawful, but it was so bland, boring, simplistic and forgettable to me that I couldn't go back to it. I still don't know how the style system in that game works but couldn't be bothered to understand it.

    DMC3 is still a fantastic game and it's a shame that it doesn't get enough credit on a storytelling department while there are so many ''professional video game journalists'' praising the reboot for having a more''detailed and fleshed out story'' while criticizing the overall story of previous games especially this one. The story in DMC3 just works because it embraces the medium it was created on and motivates the player with a high respect, while DmC's story just misses the mark on how video game stories function and tries to play itself on an extremely pretentious level while adding a salt wound to DMC fans through shoehorned 4th wall breaking jabs towards them. DmC is basically a shitty version of They Live with actrocious, shoehorned and unsubtle symbolic messages of anti-consumerism. I hate when video games are preaching me about their moral grandstandings instead of letting me enjoy the game. DMC3 in my opinion has a perfect three act structure on a video game form and deserves a compliment for that. It may look like a generic anime story on first glance, but the build-up, character development and their motivation and a well balanced three act structure takes the cake for one of the most cohesive and well told video game narratives ever told. With a polished and balanced gameplay, great level design, balanced and rewarding difficulty and amazing storytelling it is almost a perfect game. I say almost because it doesn't have the style switching mechanic.

  7. Well I bought the collection two days ago, loving it so far but I’m afraid I’m stuck with literally the first boss in the first game. By the looks of it I’m going to have to restart the first game and grind more red orbs to get the air raid ability (apparently that makes defeating Phantom so much easier). Honestly don’t know what I was expecting, was I expecting it to be easy? Who knows?
    So I decide well I’ll play Devil May cry 3 first and come back to the first game, it is a prequel after all. And low and behold I can’t defeat the first boss in that game either 😂

    Boy I’ve got some learning to do, doesn’t help that I can’t dodge because my RB is very unreliable and you’ve got to wack it or hold it in a sweet spot. So I’m off to buy a new controller so I can beat these bitches and then finish 4 all so I can play 5!

  8. Yess, please review DmC in the future! I know plenty of people hate that game but I really enjoyed it and I'd like to hear your opinion on it since you tend to always find the positive side of every game

  9. Oh wait… Damn… Thank you for finally explaining how combos work in DMC2 xD I tried to figure it out and give the game a chance, but after a few hours and a bug where I didn't get a playstation trophy for some reason, even though I got the requirements I just couldn't be bothered anymore and got back to playing DMC 3 and 4 with all their pause combos, unique weapons, styles and fun enemies…
    I can't wait for DMC5… I hope it immediately has turbo at release though

    By the way. Even though Swordmaster is still my favourite by far, I recently gave gunslinger a shot and it actually amazes me how much more useful the guns are now. I expected nothing but a bit more damage output, but it seriously makes the guns so much more intrical to the combat for me, to the point that when, especially when combined with Nevan's lightning orbs, I am able to super effectively keep enemies back off from myself, Rebellion's Stinger pretty much immediately allowing me to get back into the middle of the action though if so required. It is seriously so damn cool.

  10. Nice review. DMC3 and Snake Eater are also 2 of my favorite games. DMC3 has everything you could want in a game; addictive gameplay, an engrossing narrative, memorable characters, phenomenal fight choreography and acting performances, awesome soundtrack and endless replay value. It's got it all! Can't wait to see how DMC5 compares in a couple of weeks. Doubt it will surpass DMC3 but I'm still excited to play it.

  11. You earned yourself a new subscriber man! Great reviews. I actually want to play dmc 2 and experiment a bit more now. I honestly didn't give it a fair chance. I literally got bored on mission 1 cause of all the walking and just stopped playing.

  12. Ok that cancel out of the DMC 2 Million Stabs…nice. I've been playing 2 since 2005 and I never thought of that. You actually put the time and effort in to discover tech in DMC 2? Even as someone who likes it, that's some impressive dedication.

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