Remainer MPs vote to seize control of Brexit | LIVE replay

THERESA May today faces fresh pressure to quit – whether or not she manages to force through her Brexit deal.

The PM is being urged to vow she’ll resign in a last-ditch bid to convince Brexiteers they should back her deal in the Commons this week.

And she was warned that if her Brexit strategy collapses, she’ll have no choice but to step down anyway.

The PM is considering holding the third “meaningful vote” on her deal as soon as tomorrow in a high-stakes gamble – if she can win over the DUP.

This morning the Prime Minister summoned Cabinet ministers for a Downing Street summit to lay out the next steps on Brexit – but they didn’t discuss her own future.

During the meeting, ministers clashed over whether they should go for a No Deal Brexit in the event the PM’s deal is defeated for good…

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31 Replies to “Remainer MPs vote to seize control of Brexit | LIVE replay”

  1. I seriously dont think ive ever seen so many imbeciles in one room. Do they really think anyone buys this nonsense. Each and every one of them should be ashamed.

  2. I'm not blaming the MPs, if you guys understood what deal they were stopping going ahead you'd be very happy that they were actually doing their job. It's Theresa May that needs to go

  3. What is wrong with this picture when Leave won the referendum and we have remain MPs calling the shots?? Tusk was right. The special place in hell for remain MPs

  4. I have been convinced that we, have come under the power of some very evil occult Order, profoundly versed in science, both occult and otherwise, though not infallible, their methods being mind control system though media, that is to say, electromagnetic power, hypnotism, and powerful suggestion

  5. Oh no don't worry our fine upstanding traitorous mps won't let us leave the E.U mps say they want to be locked into the commons until they find a solution , The best way would be is to lock them in but then throw away the key and let them all starve.

  6. Of course there will be border checks. Minimum checks with exceptions can mean hard checks whenever needed. WTO rules does indirectly and direcly demand border checks. It is that easy.

  7. question to body language experts: if may nods tiredly when making her points, is that annindication of her not being convinced of her own position anymore, but rather having to forcefully evoke conviction when it is in fact dwindling?

    it seems to me like proof for cracks in her conviction, since youd expect body language to be varied, following various arguments to be brought forward in favor of your own point of view, whereas this monotonous, mantralike bodily display seems empty and convictionless.

  8. i honestly think, it doesnt matter what the prime minister "believes". what matter is confirmed decision, thinking and proof. most of all related to a matter of this magnitude and impact. i "believe", the enlightenment that sought to overcome belief systems began 250 years AGO.

    wenall know that democratic initiative has diminished greatly in the past decades. so a million on the streets protesting brexit is not a sidenote. it cannot be compared tomthe turnout of a plebiscite.

    moreover, not EVERYBODY thantvoted in the referendum fits on the streets of london.

    so if these numbers arent considered as a plebiscite-like demonstration of will for another referendum given especially the fact that it was ONLY the opposition that demonstrated, WHAT IS!?!

    the streets that demonstratenpublic will say: lets vote again, we were wrong, we changed our mind.

  9. May has an impossible job sorting out the carnage left by Cameron and where is he now . Whoever was PM would be in exactly the same position. We have a government full of remainers who don't care how the people voted.Very undemocratic.

  10. Bulldust, Mrs May is a con artist, her withdrawal treaty is rubbish, we can’t get it through because it is so rubbish, the real arguments have not even started , because her deal is a retarded view of our future , the vote leave is not honoured, the remain vote delivers a worse than we are at the moment so don’t fool yourself or anyone else that Mrs May will deliver , crap, rubbishyou are deluded brainwashed ignoble ignorant

  11. What Theresa May should do now is let us go on March 29. Just don't change the law and we'll be gone at 11 pm. She needed to put down the remain cabal but instead she was trying to appease them and it was a huge mistake.  The Labour Party run by Commie Corbyn the state murder apologist and celebrated antisemitist have pulled the rug out from under Brexit. Labour want to retain freedom of movement so that the poor and unemployed benefit tourists from the EU can live here in the hope they will be Labour voters. They are not representing the British working man and woman.  ENOUGH OF THIS S**T. ENOUGH OF THESE TRAITORS TO THE BRITISH PEOPLE AND TO BRITISH SOVEREIGNTY AND THE PEOPLE THAT FOUGHT IN TWO WORLD WARS. VOTE WITH YOUR FEET AND BOYCOTT EU GOODS NOW.

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