President May Have Made His Legal Case More Difficult On National Emergency | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd says President Trump has “created his own political crisis with his base” after declaring a national emergency to secure funding for border wall. In a speech at the Rose Garden, the president said “I could do the wall over a longer period of time. I didn’t need to do this, but I’d rather do it much faster.”
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President May Have Made His Legal Case More Difficult On National Emergency | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


46 Replies to “President May Have Made His Legal Case More Difficult On National Emergency | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC”

  1. You are a sicko Trump! There is no bigger obstructionist than you! Go to your bank and make a withdrawal and pay for the wall YOU think is needed…without stealing land from citizens! Boy you would really be a hero if you did that….and you would find your own dream come true!

  2. Trump is a complete lying conman just making up any garbage that suits the rhetoric he needs to keep his sheep in line. Two trillion increase in deficit in just two years. The only national emergency is Trump the self serving criminal lying treasonous conman being President.

  3. Trump is a failure.he failed at getting mexico to pay he failed at getting congress to give him money so now hes going to fail again by getting shut down in court.Americas biggest loser.

  4. Dems have done nothing to restore the peace and order at the border for 2 years since the American people elected Trump president. The latest and biggest bust of 254 pounds of illicit fentanyl in the US history at the border last month said it all. The record of 254 pounds of fentanyl caught at the border could have killed 100 million Americans, which are about 1/3 of the US population. Also, caravans of illegal immigrants are invading our country by illegally crossing the border. The massive influx of illegal immigrants will seriously cause irreversible damage to our national economy and security. We need to stop drug and human traffickers and other wrongdoers from crossing the border immediately. As a result, declaring emergency at this moment is the right thing for Trump to do. It's for our country and for us all.

  5. Trump got 1.4 billion for boarder security. No funds for a new wall. How many Trump supporters will fall for this new spin? Absolutely zero for a new wall. Nancy pelosi put Trump in his place

  6. You people that watch this silly biased network are so brainwashed. Glad some of us can think clearly and not just always bash trump because the media tells you to. If you step back and take a breath to look at all of the last 2 year's of coverage with a new set of eyes, you would see how biased these corporate shills are… And you are following.

  7. Trump received less funding for the boarder security than was allocated in the original BIPARTISAN bill that passed last December. Before Trump held Americans hostage with the disastrous Trump shutdown. No way to spin it, Trump lost regarding the wall. Don't forget Mexico was supposed to pay for the wall.

  8. I feel a visceral hate against this <blank> (fill the blank with whatever derogatory term you can come up). I really hate him, I haven't hated this much anybody since I was 20 something years old and I was afraid that a law imposed by a dictator who I lived under his control at that time had imposed a law that I thought would put my wife life in danger.

  9. Did he just admit he doesn't need to build the wall? There you have it boys, no national emergency except for the one watching Fox news at the white house right now

  10. So the American people, now you can see Trump is the problem for the United States! Because under president Obama, there was no Emergency crisis. Now under Trump there us Emergency crisis.

  11. Why Trump in the United States " call for Emergency crisis in the United States and these war criminal worried about Venezuelan people who better than them ?

  12. Trump to the Supreme Court:
    "I could do the wall over a longer period of time" "I didn't need to do this but I'd rather do it much faster."

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